I would like share my review for PAI MR2 


My friend just dropped at my house iphone 6s Rose Gold from USA
Now i can use Centrance HiFi Skyn with my own Iphone 6 S Rose Gold

Source :
Iphone 6s Rose Gold
Dac Amp :
Centrance. hiFi Skyn
Iem :
Out the Box sound quality :
I heard iphone 6 s sound better than my IPhone 6 Plus
But still below my Phone 5 s

micro iPhono2
Only everything has been improved

Southport, UK – 25th April 2016
The best just made the quantum leap

The original iPhono was the ‘benchmark’ phono stage <US$1,000. Only retaining the same design philosophy, we went back to the beginning and designed a ground-up, all-new iPhono2. The design, circuitry and parts are all far-reaching:
1. Ultra-wide gain range – 36dB to astonishing 72dB; suits any cartridge.
2. Whisper quiet – SNR of >86dB, an impressive 10dB quieter than the original.
3. Latest AMR trickle-down technology: revised Class A, TubeState® circuit for unrivalled linearity.
4. DirectDrive® Servo-less ‘DC infinity’ circuit. No capacitor AND no DC-Servo means zero added
noise and distortion, there is no purer audio signal path.
The sonic performance of the iPHONO2 when partnered with any cartridge from the Shure V-15 through to the Koetsu Coralstone is something to behold.
• Ultra-wide gain from 36dB up to 72dB
• 6 precision stereo EQ curves (±0.2dB)
• Latest AMR trickle-down technology: revised Class A, TubeState® circuitry
• DC-Infinity circuit, DirectDrive® Servo-less circuit
• Reference class parts quality from Elna Silmic to Silver Mica capacitors
• iPower (15V) included, ‘quieter than battery’ power supply
Press Release
• Freq. Resp.: 20Hz – 20kHz •

10Hz - 100KHz (±0.5dB)
Dynamic Range MM (36dB): >102dB(A-weighted) MC (72dB): >100dB(A-weighted)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio MM (36dB): >89dB(A-weighted) MC (72dB): >86dB(A-weighted)
Crosstalk:  <-70dB(1KHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.0007% (MM 36dB 1V out 600R Load)
Output Impedance:  <100Ω
Input Voltage iPHONO 2: DC 15V
• • • •
• • • •
(iPower 15V included – do NOT use any other power supply)
Input Voltage iPOWER: AC 85 - 265V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: < 5W
Dimensions:  6.2" x 2.3" x 1.1
Weight:  0.44 lbs.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The retail price of the micro iPHONO2 is US$499 (ex-tax) or Euro549/£435 (incl VAT).
Find us on: www.facebook.com/ifiAudio and on https://twitter.com/ifi_audio
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