Paiaudio MR2 IEM review - Rudi0504

I would like share my review for PAI MR2 


I would like to  thank  Alex fan and Jane from PAI Audio for this Red MR2 review unit.

Source :
Cowon Plenue D
Iem :
Equalizer :
Use my own setting Eq
Music : Tibeten Songs
Sound quality :
This simple set up has very good synergy and is an ideal set up for traveling .
Cowon Plenue D has battery life about 80 hours

My review for PAI Audio MR2
High :
Has very good detail and very clean and clear high
High presentation very good and can extend until the end
Mid :
Very sweet analog mid and very good pronounce
Specially for female vocal like this Tibeten Artist high vocal . I can hear her voice extended until the end
I like the voice rendering
Bass :
Very good in detail and clarity and very fast bass reproduction,
The bass is not for bass head fans
The bass sound natural and very clean bass reproduction
Separation :
Excellent separation that i can detect where the indiviidual instrument placement
Soundstage :
Very wide and tall and has very good depth too
Background :
Very black background that i can hear all the micro detail from every songs
Ergonomic : very good to my ear and i can use for sleeping.

Conclusion :
This 2 Drivers BA Driver PAI MR 2 is an excellent iem Product from Paiaudio
If you like natural sound and balance sound with excellent micro detail and clarity and very clean bass
This PAI MR2 is the right choice for you
So kind of sound quality i can hear my music very long
If you need more power , you can add power and PAI MR2 can follow the Amp sound quality
This PAI MR 2 is one of my favorite iem , because the sound quality is so good and not stressed me for using long hours and the price so good for $139 USD
You can get the sound quality like $ 500 USD sound quality

No wonder now Paiaudio product have more fans around the world , because their sound quality is very good and the price is very good too.
Bravo Paiaudio!
Please keep researching for excellent sound quality but the please keep the price reasonable like now.
I believe your products will more popular in the future.

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