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   Head Pie is a site about audio, the people and companies who make and design the gear and most importantly the music.

We are non partisan and not related to any audio company.

We are simple hobbyists interested in headphones, IEMs, amplifiers, daps and dacs.

Head Pie reserves the right to edit or delete any articles, interviews or photos on the Head pie site, whether written by Head Pie or written by contributors or interviewees.

Head Pie does not solicit money for any of its interviews or reviews. 

Head Pie reviews or ‘showcases’ gear we own, trial and get given as review samples.

Review samples are generally sent to Head Pie by the company and then kept by Head Pie as reference points for further reviews, or sent to a reviewer , or some needy non audiophile person - but more usually someone in need such as a community worker, teacher etc that serves the people and wider community.

We don`t flip or resell items.

Head pie reserves the right to be lazy and useless and just post pretty pictures and specs cause its really all just about spam, so just make that stuff up and copy and paste specs.


*Do it until it stops being fun anymore.

HeadPie: Simple audio hobbyists and enthusiasts with a dubious quality of hearing.

Oh and memes, don’t forget the memes...

Copyright Head pie 2015 until eternity

Contact: headpieblog@gmail.com


Nothings changed...much...

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