(Headphone GranVela) AuGlamour R8 review - expatinjapan

(Headphone GranVela) AuGlamour R8 review 
- expatinjapan

The packaging is well designed and functional.
As you can see the AuGlamour R8 comes in a suitably sized box with not much wasted space,

The IEMs themselves are attractive and built well, and come with a decent detachable cable.

Also the AG logo is imbedded within the box cover an can be taken out.
Used I guess for winding the cable around or affixing to the carry case or for all manner of other unknown uses.

OFC copper cable

It also comes with a hardcover carry case for transporting and protecting your IEMs.

Included are S,M,L sized silicone tips and a foam set, also a shirt clip 
and also some cable sleeves for around the ears.

It admittedly took a while for me to get a comfortable fit and then suddenly they just slipped into place.
The low tail part I found to be a hinderance at first, but after adjusting the memory wire I achieved a decent fit.
They are light and quite small in size.
I would the like the nozzles to be 1mm-2mm longer for myself.
Once they were in though I found them to be reasonably comfortable, though at time the `tail` rubbed the lower ear groove just above the earlobe.
The AuGlamour sealed well with decent isolation.

The AuGlamour R8 is a small sized IEM with a big sound.
It is full sounding, reasonably flat-ish with a solid lower bass.

I used the Centrance Hifi-Skyn with ipod touch 6G and Flacplayer app at first to test them out.

The R8 seems to be changeable depending on what is played.
It has that solid bass, deep sub bass and clear highs,  sometimes the sub bass seems a bit overpowering.
The R8 favors less busy tracks, detail is average, and soundstage is narrow.

I find the height is done well enough, which could be put down to its treble which compensates for the bass.
The sound could be described as a soft low u. Not a sharp V. 
Mids are present but not the main players, though at times they magically appear more pronounced.

Vocals are not forward nor recessed, but with the music and a little bit in front.


US $35.

Anything under $50 in the world of earphones these days is a good deal, especially if it has a decent sound that surpasses the asking price.
The AuGlamour R8 have a soft yet full sound, an average width. Good height.
They fit properly within their price bracket.

The AuGlamour is an affordable and possibly for some; a comfortable earphone.
It has a soft v shape, although at times you will also notice the mids.
It is at the lower end of the price point bracket and performs appropriately within that bracket.
The R8 is not a terrible IEM, but can perform quite well, and is made very well.
The solid bass is one of its main features, and the sub bass is ever present.
Fit is difficult to achieve and will take a bit of trial and error.
The sound stage is narrow, although the height is acceptable.
Not an all rounder IEM but a decent entry level item for the budget conscious.

Thank you to GranVela for the AuGlamour R8 for review


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