Aural Life IEM Stand Review By Dr. Sheep

Aural Life IEM Stand Review
By Dr. Sheep

Not long ago I ran into this stand by chance on Facebook, and after a little bit of research found it on Amazon for only $15.  At the time the company was doing a giveaway, so I figured I can hold off on getting the stand in the off chance of winning.  Having never won anything in my life before, I was contacted by an Aural Life rep 3 days ago, notified me of my free promotional code for the stand on Amazon, and in exchange for a couple of pictures on

Since I am also a reviewer for Head-Pie, a full review is in order.

Here is what it looks like after unpacking my Amazon box:

Unboxed with plastic wrap:



Notice the lower half for cable management.

Width is about 70mm or 2.75 inches.

Depth is about 60mm or 2.4 inches

Height is about 140mm or 5.5 inches.

My first attempt with the stand is for my JH Audio Layla (first gen) along with the Toxic Cable Silver Widow 25 8-wire balanced cable.  I figured if it fits, then any other IEM and cable combinations should work.  After a good 5 minute smuggle on how to balance and pose the earpiece on the slotted support, like how Aural Life demoed the stand in their site, I gave up as it is impossible.  So I devised this method pictured that I dubbed the “Butterfly Pose” as a decent alternative.  This works great and totally shows off the beauty of my Layla.

Here is a close up of the Layla.

Backside of the IEM:

All that cable barely fits into the compartment.

More shots for my Noble Audio Universal K10 (first gen.) along with the Norne Audio Vorpal 8-wire balanced cable.

Overall I am pretty happy with the stand: the price is right, it’s pretty, works at intended with some creativity, and turns your IEM into a show piece.
Although the Aural Life IEM Stand is not ideal for daily use, it does come in handy during meets, demo, or to take photos.  Instead of storing your IEMs in a box, or just have them laying on a table, now you have a good looking stand for your IEM collection.
Highly recommended.

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