Campfire audio new models - Andromeda and Nova - expatinjapan

As seen at the Fujiya Avic Tokyo headphone show

The Andromeda was at the Tokyo show.
I was lucky to have briefly listened to a pair.
My impressions are short and possibly not wholly accurate due to my short time listening to the Andromeda.
The sound is fuller than the Jupiter, or it could be the lush mids coming through.
The housing is the same as the other models.
My Jupiter is smooth, articulate and airy. A nice low end and highs.
The Andromeda seems to pack more power, it seems flatter in a reference sense, same low and high ends but it has more in the middle. Not warm either.
Clear, clarity, detailed, also articulate.
Of course instrument separation, width, height, speed, layering etc are wonderful.

Each model it seems has its own personal signature and it is recommended to sample each model or read the various reviews about to see which model suits their preferences.


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