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Paiaudio PR1 earbuds review 
- expatinjapan

I like the colorful approach of the Paiaudio PR1, and the see through plastic which reveals the inner workings.
It is something a little different rather than the standard black or white earbuds.
The cable is secured within the casing by a knot, so it isn`t going to get tugged and broken anytime soon. Well anchored.
As you can see in the photos is has a red cable that sits quite well, no chin slider.
Simple earbuds that follow the basic design of most earbuds, treat em well and they`ll survive.

The packaging is simple, yet attractive.
I like the idea of a cylinder case, It appears glossy with the sun reflecting off the plastic outer and adds to the overall colorful appeal.

The Paiaudio PR1 earbuds come with extra covers in black and red and also a shirt clip.

The red cable sets them apart from most other brands and announces that the user isn`t using simple Apple buds, plus it makes it harder to lose them.

Well they are earbuds, they slip in and rest easy.
The size is ear friendly.
Applying my patented jump up and down and throw my head back and forth method, I could not detect any movement, nor did they fall out. Quite secure.
They seem to fit quite flat against my ear canal which is quite good, as I get all the sound with minimal loss.

As usual to please the burn in crowd segment, I gave them 50 hours of play time prior to hunkering down for the review.

Using an ipod touch 6G, 128 GB using Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr.

All impressions using the PR1 earbuds done with the sponge covers on.

The bass is quite full for little buds and reminds me of my earlier Sennheiser MX760.
Bass can be a bit fluffy and bloated at times of high volume, but this can easily be fixed by not having a good seal and/or lowering the volume a tad.
Vocals are clear, musical and enjoyable.
Highs are at an acceptable range,  without becoming sibilant. Slightly recessed.
Separation is surprisingly acceptable, it has more width than depth.
More warm than analytical.

With the Centrance Hifi-Skyn.
When using this set up the weaknesses show through, it does not scale up well and is more suited to basic DAPs/players.
Slight distortion at times and lack of clarity.

Versus the Apple buds.
The Apple buds tend towards the treble end and have less bass, they have more extension and clarity.
The have lightly more detail at times, although that could be the treble and brightness playing tricks.
Also the Apple earbuds can have distortion at times when there are many instruments in play.


Well at that price who can really complain?
Remember it is a $20 earbud you are purchasing, don`t expect the heavens to part.
Although with that said, it does to the job.
One can casually listen to music at home or on the go with an experience that is enjoyable.

The Paiaudio PR1 is a musical and enjoyable earbud.
It is placed at the lower end of the price range and is most suited to being used at a moderate volume straight out of a music player without extra amplification.
The design looks cute and fun.
One can easily listen to music for an extended period due to the comfortable fit, emphasis on the bass and mids; and gentle treble.

Thank you to Paiaudio for sending us the PR1 earbuds to review


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