AK 380 copper + AK 380 copper amp - Rudi0504

Myself and some of my friends  have compared and auditioned AK 380 copper vs
AK 380 copper + AK 380 copper Amp.

The Result was all in one word :
AK 380 copper + AK 380 copper amp is the absolute Winner.
As i tried AK 380 copper + AK 380 copper Amp at. singapore Can Jam and the Result was not significant like my Final Production AK 380 copper Amp.
AK 380 copper alone is as Best DAP in the world.
Plus AK 380 copper Amp now the Sound Quality improvement is really unbelievable .
I have owned AK 380 + Amp , the improvement was noticeable too.
But not as significant like i use my AK 380 copper amp.
All my friends on yeaterday meet was agree that the improvement use AK 380 copper amp is significant

High :
Has better micro detail and has better rendering and excellent high presentation
Mid :
Has better pronounced and very clean vocal
Bass :
Has better bass body and impact and cleaner
Faster bass speed and very good bass detail
Separation :
Has better separation that we can detect individual music instrument more accurate
Soundstage :
Like in very big concert hall
AK 380 copper alone like in big concert hall
Bravo AK to make huge improvement on your AK 380 copper amp.


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