Final A8000 unveiling and thoughts

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My thoughts on the A8000

Final Audio A8000... Final Audio A8000....what a trip!

I was some what nervous to accept a loaner of the Final Audio A8000. I was sure that they were solid and well made - but they looked like expensive jewelry - and possibly fragile.

I ended up accepting after an email or two.
All mail was done within Japan so that made it easier and safer on that end anyway.

I had listened to them on and off, put them
through a usual burn cycle - but could not get my head around them.

The seemed airy enough, excellent treble reach, detailed and articulate. Nothing much could get past these beauties.

Something was missing. Body? Density?

I shelved them for a bit and would go back and forth with different daps.

Some of my favorite configurations were balanced and the A8000 came with a single ended cable only. Which limited the scope of options somewhat.

Whats a guy to do?

The fit was comfortable, which is not what one expects when looking at the angled edges like some Guggenheim museum.

The cable slips over the ears well and sparkles in the light.

The build is solid as a rock, being stainless steel - i believe. 

Fast forward a few months of intermittent use with no clear end in sight.

Enter the iBasso DX220 Max with its excellent single ended port and expansive sound stage. 

I just reached a sweet spot of around 220 hours burn in on the Max and they seemed like price point siblings - so i gave it a whirl.

Finally it all came together. 

A liquidity and smoothness, wide, height and sphere like sound stage, imaging spot on, timbre was there and some lower end body.

I was happy. The fit was great. But what if i went up one more tip size just to check.

Ummm that did it. It completed the Final Audio A8000. It still retains the high end space and reach but is balanced by the low end and mids coming into play.

Finally i was happy with the Final Audio A8000. 

It does not fit all genres, with more busy rock tracks it can get a bit strident. But i do not think that is what these are aimed/designed for. More liquid female vocals or laid back male vocalists and classical would be a good match.

A gorgeously sweet earphone with a soft timbre, divine tonality with a flattened u shape signature and large sound stage.

(Originally late Feb)

The unboxing had a wonderful feel to it as the many layers were removed, unveiling

Extra filters

Earhooks of soft material and Final MMCX Assist

As excellence demands. Final tips in five sizes. For that perfect fit. Now with color coding for less confusion and easy locating.

The case of the case that seems to open from beneath. A mystery perhaps even for the famed Poirot himself.

The IEMs - i shall let your trusted eyes bear witness as you desire.

Thank you to  S’Next and Final for the loan of the A8000. 
*(Status changed during age of corona)



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