Campfire Audio Orbit review

Campfire Audio Orbit review

The Campfire Audio Orbit is Campfire Audios first foray into the world of wireless earphones that seem to be the norm worldwide for users favoring TWS over wired and the many brands of wireless buds come with varying audio quality. In steps Campfire Audio into the fray with their latest offering.

I still feel as though the TWS/ true wireless tech is in its infancy or maybe pre tweens by now and i find it exciting as i did in the earlier post ipod 5g days when the first daps of quality and bad ui were coming out. When every earphone was different, tips were so so and not many and one had to do various kludges with cables and portable amps etc.

The global bluetooth storm comes ready packaged with each earphone a different build and level with an array of codecs that they can deliver. 

Campfire Audio seems to have taken its cabled sibling the Honeydew with its single DD and inserted it into this wireless creation.

Its a light fit and easy insertion.

Also has an app for fine tuning, controls and updating.

More on the sound later…

I do look forward to future creations where we might see a more high end such as an Andromeda version (for example). But for a first go its good to play it a bit  safe and iron out some early kinks (if any) and then onto bigger and greater things.

As a previous bluetooth earphone agnostic and present believer although not a full convert to the wireless faith i am satisfied with this release to date.
Campfire Audios entry level is another brands mid level or even totl…

*It did take a little while to write this as i am a bit slower these days and the TWS Orbit device demanded various scenarios and media to test them out fully.

Basic details and specs

First blurb on the Campfire Audio Orbit

The Campfire Audio Orbit Bluetooth earphones are a high-quality set of wireless in-ear monitors that are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality without the need for wires. The earphones feature a sleek and stylish design, with a lightweight and comfortable fit that is perfect for listening to music on the go.

When it comes to sound quality, the Campfire Audio Orbit Bluetooth earphones do not disappoint. The earphones feature a high-quality Bluetooth chipset that supports AAC, aptX, and SBC codecs, which means that you can enjoy high-quality audio streaming from your favorite devices. The earphones also feature a dynamic driver that delivers clear and detailed sound across the entire frequency range. The bass is punchy and well-defined, while the midrange is warm and natural. The highs are crisp and clear without being harsh or sibilant.

One of the standout features of the Campfire Audio Orbit Bluetooth earphones is the level of convenience and ease of use that they offer. The earphones feature an intuitive touch control interface that makes it easy to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and take phone calls without having to take your device out of your pocket. The earphones also come with a carrying case that doubles as a charging station, which means that you can keep your earphones charged and ready to go at all times.

In terms of fit and comfort, the Campfire Audio Orbit Bluetooth earphones are a good choice for most people. The earphones come with a range of different ear tips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, and the lightweight design means that you can wear them for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

Overall, the Campfire Audio Orbit Bluetooth earphones are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for high-quality wireless in-ear monitors that are able to deliver exceptional sound quality and convenience. While they may be a bit more expensive than some other options on the market, the build quality, sound performance, and ease of use make them a worthwhile investment for anyone who values convenience and high-quality audio performance.

Well that about says it all doesn’t it?…..

The above was written by ChatGPT - and although i think it is fairly accurate to my experience it does show us perhaps a brave new world where we might have to exercise even more caution in our reading of reviews in the future. Or is AI more reliable ?

* my write up and babble on to follow the pretty pics..

Unboxing pron

Easily connected

Sometimes humans are worse than ai and monkeys

Head pies impressions and final word on the Campfire Audio Orbit

The Campfire Audio Orbit is a first effort into a wireless world. I recall several years ago making a meme about solar powered solaris…

Whilst not solar powered it is still a foray into a wireless world. 
Coming fully formed within a minute pretty cardboard box compared to other larger CA boxing offerings and the small buds are themselves contained within, in a small and convenient charger case.

All in an attractive package as is per usual with Campfire Audio.

The world is awash with wireless bluetooth ear bunghole goodies. Even a good 5-7 years (perhaps more) i recall the audio area of Biccamera in Shinjuku Tokyo being taken over by them, the headphones thinned out and IEMs on offer seemed halved. A behemoth section of TWS earphones, later even a well known boutique shop of audio gear had cleared out their usual offerings in their spacious front window snd crammed it full of the wireless specimens, it was easy to see which way the everyman turned into his quest for a pleasurable and wire free brave new world.

When i ride the trains tws/bluetooth have certainly taken over the market. The crave for no wires suits todays fast paced city life, joe public is certainly accustomed to charging devices by now with their 24/7 connection to their cellsmartphoneprisons. Convience can trump quality, its not to say their arent decent buds out there (contributors Ngoshawk and Audiofool have reviewed most of the audiophile ones and found a few gems) but most people seem to just grab the cheapest and closest for their candy crush games and train youtube times. Often i see poor shopping choices that dont fit (too big) or bad placement (tws earphones in the wrong ear or even upside down). 

I self sacrificed my purist self to the  audiophile  gods a while back and delved into the world of tws ettc myself, one i tried was the ibasso cf10 for a time, they are useful in that you can attach your favorite mmcx iems to them. It was during my running phase before my (no) earphones present cycling phase as i try to extend my feeble life. I do enjoy feeling well exercised. Once i had found the right iem pairing for the activity it was bliss.

Now iFi Audio has also released a similar product (as did Fostex and FiiO earlier…). Handy for sure.

If Campfire Audio has plans for such a device i am not privy to it, nor do i generally pry into business that does not concern me. And if i do get told of such things in confidence by a company  i keep quiet alike to Brer Rabbit or i just conveniently forget.

Back to the CA Orbit….

I suspect the CA Orbit contains the same driver as the CA Honeydew - but dont quote on me that, the price point seems similar. And the sound signature has a familiarity about it.



So yeah. Perhaps. Same same but different.

It makes sense to me to trial with an entry level device to iron out any creaks and shuffled first before (hopefully) entering into a more high end model (An Andromeda TWS??). As a first effort i have not run into particular difficulties- i do like my cables but would not turn up my nose to a future highend model.
CA ls entry level is another brands mid level or more.

For sure the pricing suggests a certain level of audio production and performance. But pricing can be deceiving. I find it  (the Orbit) pleasurable as i do with many entry and mid level iems by other companies. I think the price is appropriate for the product, but do think its quality overall as a package is above many others i have tried in the same price bracket. 

Once one is within the music the brain often fills in the gaps as needed anyway even when paired with a simple device - for sure i would be more likely to combine say a $1000 iem with a $1000 dap to dispel any shortfalls real or imagined yet i still am rewarded with a highend iem with a simple dap like the hidizs ap80 when i am on a trip somewhere. TWS buds seem to fill this aural void also, the confidence of solid transmitting wires forsaken for the more magical floating music from there to here to ears.

The Orbit delivers a more full bodied sound with a bit extra in the bass area, the rest of the frequencies are fairly much in line with each other. Perhaps (the low a bit more accentuated and emphasized then) a quite subtle slight flat saucer u like curve from low mid to mid to low high to high. Somewhat linear with a bump at the low end to put it another way. 
This seems to work for most music, also watching movies and youtube etc, either lying in bed, at a cafe or or on the go.

The supported codec of simple SBC and AAC allow easy connections on the go at some expense of high fidelity where the AptX fills the gap for users wanting a more full and detailed sound. No doubt you will notice no LDAC support, i have found the ground between AptX and LDAC a slight gap if at all and not some Last Crusade chasm.
If the Orbit sells well and Campfire decides to up the ante and release a high end version perhaps shelling out to Sony for LDAC license might be worth it. If only to sooth the savage internet hordes.

There is no ANC which gets use by some folks. I have it on other wireless buds but usually have it off myself. So not an issue for me. A matter of personal use and preference.

I found the Orbit to be a good fit for my ears and i played around with various tips, did the usual head shake test to see if they would stay in consistently and they did.
Also the bt connection test of putting my phone and dap on a bench etc and walking away to test for connections as well as the upstairs/downstairs test and it was as usual in range as any other bluetooth device i have tested in distance and connection. 

Exercise and fit. I did vigorous exercise for several sessions of 45 minutes and did not need to adjust the Orbits. They stayed in place nicely. Everyones ears are different of course. This was using the stock whitish tips.

Battery life is noted in their product question section on their webpage as: ‘Orbit has an 8.5 hr battery life fully charged @ 80% volume. The case holds an additional 30hrs of charge when fully charged. ‘

I have not had any battery run dry from my use so far. Casual and exercising etc.

I dont have much more to offer. Is the price about right? Yes. 
Is it an attractive earphone, yes. (I would like the color range to be expanded).
Is the sound with music acceptable enough. Yes. I am satisfied with using aptX codec. (But i have highend wired earphones and would probably use them - just cause…y’know).
Easy connection to devices? Yes.
Wireless range acceptable? Yes.

All in all the Campfire Audio Orbit is great first entry level entry into the world of bluetooth tws earphones.
A great full bodied sound and solid fit.

Also the handy app one can control the tws buds, tailor the sound and update them!

Photo credit: Campfire Audio.

Pamplet inside showing the various options

Nicely done!

Thank you to Campfire Audio for sending the Orbit for review

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