iBasso IT07. Man on the moon - first steps

iBasso IT07 

More detailed information here:

The new iBasso IT07. I say new because it is and it is.
With the IT07 i think iBasso has certainly hit their stride with this recent release. Its a mature release, not dry, quite coherent and pleasurable to listen to.

I thought it was a 7 BA and color me surprised later on when i had a read on their website and found out it was 1DD and 6 BAs.

Its new new in the sense that it is iBasso entering into the totl arena as far as IEMs are concerned. I did like the IT04, yet the IT07 comes across as a superior IEM and a few steps up.

iBasso is continually improving on their dap technology and that work is paralleled in their IEM releases.

Scroll down to the various filters one can use to tailor the sound and there is a link to Twister6 thoughts on the effects of each one.

I prefer the stock metal filter which is a cross between linear and a w signature.

I will post an update to this thread in due course with further thoughts on the sound signature and ability of the IT07.

So far i am enjoying it very much and it will quite probably find a place in my daily IEM carry case.

Usual pretty pics as the audio customer base is supposedly visual orientated.

Lots of basic questions people have can be answered visually i think.

A deluxe luxurious sense as the eyes behold

An upper box with cable, tips, warranty and guide etc

A decent range of tips.
So far i have stuck to stock out of the box tips that the iems were originally attached to. I will probably try out the other tips and some favorite aftermarket tips in due course.

Who is a pretty polly?

Filters. I have yet to fiddle around with them.
I usually end up with neutral or stock ones anyway.

Reviewer extraordinaire Twister6 wrote about them briefly here:

The stock cable is adequate for the job and matches the IEMs well.


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