AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC information, impressions & with Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020. Fit and isolation is excellent

They seem to take time ‘to warm up’ and then they are more controlled in the sub bass/bass than initial insertion. 

They form their shape to your ears with body heat - fit and sound improving with time

I just ordered more (multipack) sizes off amazon (a size or two down from your normal size depending in earphone - or so it seems...)

Japan Amazon

USA Amazon

NOTE: Head pie does not make any money from amazon links - just sharing teh love.

i bought my first pack at Fujiya Avic and then ordered two more packs (MS/M/ML and SS/S/M) off amazon japan
They seem to come in a two pack

or a three pack of various sizes.

say for the Andromeda i usually use a Yellow ML/ Blue tip L - right and left ear

for Xelastec i am using a MS/M

You will note above the Xelastec and Spiral Dots++ dont correspond exactly in size.

You may have to go down a size than normal

i recommend trying one of the sample packs first for experimenting with size (See the options on the amazon link)

Quick & fast impressions:

With iBasso DX220 amp 8EX and Campfire Audio MW10 and Ara

 Fairly even
Slight v
More high focus.
Wide and deep.
Vocals forward front and center.
Takes time to warm up for tight sub bass and bass.
More full with more volume

Spiral dots++
Wider sound stage.
Width, depth and height.
More mids
Good staging, imaging.
Full deep

Final Audio:
Smaller sound stage.
W sig
Vocals forward.
Good, though slightly subdued dynamics.


  1. I ordered some of these from Japan and these might be my favourite eartips. Isolation is excellent, comfort is excellent. They make the sound a bit more focused on the AME Custom Radioso: tighter bass, overall more detailed sound. I don't find that I need a smaller size. I bought the M/ML/L set and I can use all three, it just depends on the IEM fit.

    1. I like em. I keep finding myself going down a size or two from
      my usual size.

      Maybe bass is slightly reduced

      Fit is excellent