Andromeda V1 vs V3 vs V4/2020

Andro V1 vs V3 vs V4/2020

Solaris OG vs 2020

Andro gold, Andro 2020, Ara

Theres a few other bits and bobs scattered about also ..

My earlier V1 versus V3 write up can be found here. (With spiral dots).

Back on the trail after a busy week back at work... etc etc

DX220 Max low gain/ brick wall filter. Android side.
Campfire Audio Anrdromeda Original V1 2016?, V3- 2019 and V4 2020.
Stock cable, final audio tips (So others can replicate the findings... or not. I usually use S. 3.5mm Single ended.
V1 litz
V3 smokey litz
V4 smokey litz

Beck - ‘Sea Changes’
Billie Eilish ‘selection from all songs’
Laga Gaga and Bradley Cooper ‘A star is born’
Lana Del Rey ‘Shadiest moments’.

Andro V1 - a more laidback sound, v shaped, emphasis on vocals and trebles. Lightness and airy. It still holds it own very well. Just lacks a certain maturity. Defined and clear.
The Andromeda v1 is its own thing -- it still holds it own.

Andro V3 - Nice centrered vocals, w sound signature, smooth, Bit more lower bass than v4. Slightly strident at times.
The mids give it a nice body compared to the airiness of V1.
Vocals forward. Warm. It has an excellent clarity, separation but lacks a certain definition that the V4 has.

Andro V4 2020 - more ‘stronger’, imaging and separation is really well done, I don’t want to write coherent. But i will. Coherent. Its very clean and controlled. There is a breathy ethereal quality. Vocals just above the music. Resolving.
Its very easy to listen to, and hard to fault. The tonality is spot on. Emotional with soul. It envelopes within and without my skull quite nicely.

The V2 fixed the fit issue by smoothing the shell edges more.
The V3 improved on the sound by adding some mids and other bits and the new smokey litz cable,
the v4 completes the process by maturing the v3 into a more efficient machine with better tonality, timbre and imaging. A more wider sound stage. A bit more linear Compared to the v shaped V1 and w shaped V3.

My earlier V1 versus V3 write up can be found here. (With spiral dots).


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