iBasso DX170 unboxing MEGA first look. Photos, video, specs

A quick look at whats in the box

Sound impressions to come later

Also a look at menus etc

Official iBasso specs, features etc at the end.

*excuse my continuing half broken iphone camera

Only manual i could find on the web is on the moon audio website (only audio site that seems to have got with the modern idea of short tik tok style videos, its the future. Now!).

What about DX160 versus DX170?

I will do  a sound comparison in due course. For now i have run a wifi speed test and the DX170 wins that round

In the meantime … ‘let them fight!’

Wifi etc video speed test (5G)

Results in wifi speed will vary country to country (internet infrastructure), router brand and make, 5G versus 2G, distance from the router, whether its the main router or secondary one …. - all this beyond the dap itself.

The video/s are mostly to show differences in speed (if any) between the DX170 and earlier DX160. 

5G wifi

Rock n roll baby!

whats in the box 

A colorful interior to brighten up your day

A clear case, some protective cover screens, usb c/a charge cable

A warranty and a how to card

Some close ups of the real thing

4.4mm balanced , 3.5mm single end, line out, spdif


The power on is the volume button (different to the DX160)

The ff/rev buttons can be tailored in the settings

Micro sd slot

Any port in a storm. options options options

Usb c

This is a case for inspector Poirot

Box basic specs (see more in the second section)

Warming up to go

Use apkpure to download the google play store and any other apps

Use APKpure to download Google Play store
And then other apps

Like spotify

Check out also Twister6 posts in the headfi dx170 thread on optimizing the DX170 for streaming. Deleting a few unneeded apps that run in the back ground (apkpure after downloading the google play store. Turning off animations etc)

Various main settings sections

Audio menu

Tailor the side buttons

Gestures. A nice gesture

Build number

Updater menu

And here we go

Ui and wifi test long version (5G)

Time to scan some music. 

Synch or swim

Main Mango player menu


The return of the sacred NOS

The different filters are quite distinct in sound - saves on swapping around amp modules. 

I think i like D5, then D4…maybe D2…. So far

A scanner darkly

Just the Android side. No pure Mango on this one


Even with my broken iphone camera

Choose your fighter

Pull down menu

DX170 and DX160 - side by side on my piano…

A few minor differences here and there

Get back to where you once belonged

DX170 uses the volume button to turn on ala DX300/320

The DX160 case by Miter seems to fit nice and more snug on the DX170

I had a little a/b time (not volume matched - so a proper comparison to come later).

‘Wut!? Not DX240..!?!!’ - well the DX240 had amp3MOD in it and i was too lazy to swap out the amp module to stock. …’whddaboot DX300!??’ Again , four daps was enough for a quick look. Plus hot summer, sleepy, …asshole lazy pseudo once been reviewer who has 90% retired…

Eventually do something like below anyway for more accuracy of the sonic the hedgehog differences >>>

Anyways - long story short…. So far so good!!

Official iBasso information graphics

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