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Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz and Jomo Audio 6R

Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz review

(Plus) Interconnect Elite AWG 19, silver.  

Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz and AAW W330U

Whats in the bag?

Silky pleather white bag keeps the cables fresh

The white bag is for cables other than the silver flagship, 
while the black Italian leather bag is specifically for Symbiote SP.

Inside is a black Italian leather which comes with DHC silver cables, DHC stickers,
DHC rubber bands for portable amps rigs etc and a small DHC branded USB stick.

Double Helix Cables rubber bands for rigs and stickers

Complimentary Double Helix cables branded USB stick.
*The USB stick is reviewer swag... but I am told loyal customers usually
 end up with one after a few orders.

Italian leather bag for cable storage, protection and transportation.

Interconnect Elite AWG 19, silver.  

 Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz

 Opus#3, Jomo Audio PLB and Double Helix Cables,...cable.


As one can see from the pictures below a Double Helix Cable is something special. 
Made by a master crafts man who definitely takes pride in his work.

The cable itself is very supple, excellent ergonomics. 
The fit over my ears was comfortable for extended periods of listening.
I did not detect any micro phonics whilst moving about.
Each part has been selected for quality, one can choose from a number of different variations to suit ones own aesthetic or sonic preferences.

One can choose from a selection of jacks, splitters and connectors.
I largely left it up to Double Helix cables to decide which would be incorporated.

From the Edolic two pin connectors and splitter ones eye is lead to the beautifully weaved cable.

Matching jack for style points and a DHC logo heat shrink wrap.

The connectors are soft to look at, not showing their true strength.
Handily red and blue striped for easy insertion.

Double Helix Cable with Advanced AcousticWerkes W300U.

Visually a stunning match. 

Simply stunningly beautiful.

Double Helix Cables website blurb

`Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable
V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz

The Symbiote SP is by far the best IEM cable money can buy, and the best IEM cable we can conceive at any price point.  With this wire at the Symbiote SP’s heart, there is no limit to the detail and realism that the best IEMs can achieve.  The only downside to pure OCC silver litz is cost.

The Symbiote SP is an IEM-suitable 25 awg size.  It is a custom strand arrangement to get the best possible blend of sonics, looks, size, and ergonomics.  As such it is incredibly compact – DHC’s most compact wire – with dimensions and portability befitting the best portable audio systems.

Includes options to fit standard 2 pin CIEM, MMCX IEM, or Fitear.  
Do not order for silicone deep-socket Spiral Ears or for UE TF10 or other 0.75mm pin IEM.  

The Symbiote SP’s 25awg Silver Peptide wire is made from extremely fine, individually insulated, ultrapure OCC silver strands.  Everything about this wire was intended to make it the end of the line for sound quality & performance, and it is our personal standard.

Highest purity OCC silver, spectroscopically verified – Silver Peptide is the most conductive grade of wire we know of.  DHC does not use alloys or add gold to its wire, as these impurities reduce conductivity.  Adding just 1% gold to wire reduces conductivity by more than 15%, and defeats the purpose of using high purity silver or copper.  We also do not gold-plate wires, as gold is less conductive than silver and slows down frequencies traveling near the wire’s surface.  
Our most compact, flexible, ergonomic wire.

Ultra-soft PE dielectric has been refined across a 6 year period to improve its extruding process and temperature, composition, and dimensions.  This wire feels incredible in the hand.
Type 4 litz construction is even more effective at keeping impedance constant and further improves the LCR values of this already high-performance base metal, exposing each strand equally to the inside and outside of the wire strand
Pure cotton damping core inside each strand of wire improves refinement and dampens vibrations – an industry first.

Litz enameling on each strand keeps the surface perfect: with no possibility of oxidation
No sonic compromises throughout our extensive testing, just the very best in detail and dynamics with visceral bass response and holographic treble resolution.  This is not the silver that audiophiles stereotype as having too much of this or that – Silver Peptide is simply a higher performing version of copper.

8 wire braids available for the most extreme performance IEM cables and ultra-high-end IEMs. 
These cables have an effective 22awg per polarity.  Due to how streamlined these new wires are, even an 8 wire braid is compact and flexible

Vast selection of terminations and IEMs supported.
Our “Capsid” carbon fiber-trimmed CNC-machined aluminum y-splitter is a free option on our IEM and headphone cables now.  This splitter is very small, weighing next to nothing, and exists to make our cables look and feel awesome.  We still offer DHC logo heat shrink if you would prefer an even smaller & lighter option.  

We have added exclusive Eidolic splitters featuring silver carbon fiber, fine sandblast finish (similar to your favorite cellphone’s aluminum texture), and chamferred mirror-polished edges.  SX3 and SX4 are a perfect fit for 4-wire while SX1, SX2, or SX5 are best for 8-wire.  Our ultra-light gunmetal SX6 with engraved rings fits all Symbiote SP models.

3D printing lets us offer a sterling silver y-split.  Opt for a traditional cylinder-shaped split or embellish it with our signature “helix” design – or come up with your own design & propose it to us.  Let us know what y-split you’d like in the order comments during checkout.`

Double Helix Cables website images.

With Jomo Audio 6R

Sound impressions

The Double Helix Cables pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-Generation Model With Type 4 Litz is a fantastic cable. One that has taken my ears by storm.

Whilst other cables boost vocals, the lows, the lows and the highs or the mids I found the Double Helix cable to be almost reference in its presentation.

What it offered and did was to bring up more of what each IEM had to offer, with a smoothness and clarity that I found quite surprising.

I had done a few cable reviews recently and although they were equally excellent and had their own sonic signatures I did at this stage expect to be slightly dazed, burned out and fatigued by too many cable reviews.

The Double Helix Cables pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable was like a breath of fresh air, it offered several sonic properties I wasn`t aware i looking for.

There is a certain focus that OCC Silver brings, the sound stage is clear and organized, the over all sonics neatly laid out and clear. The effect of the silver is that it dials everything in where one can hear where the edges and boundaries are.

Double Helix cable and iBasso DX200

`Its a cable!`
Well yes. And no. Not all cables are (made) alike. 
Of course one may belong to the school of cables don`t make a difference - and thats definitely ones prerogative to choose a viewpoint.

From the early days of LOD cables where I ended up with several I could hear various differences. I even doubted my ears enough to buy from one maker two LODs. One in silver and one in copper just for experimenting with.

Over the course of time my sources and earphones have become more upmarket, and my ability to notice sonic differences in the chain have improved as my critical listening skills have also improved.

The Double Helix Cable Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz definitely ticks all the right boxes for me not only in its build and ergonomics, but as mentioned in the naturalness of its accurate presentation of the music.

It truly is a joy to listen to and definitely has enhanced my pleasure whilst listening to recordings with my two pin IEMs.

I have tried many  cables and I can simply state with honesty that the Double Helix Cable is one of the best I have used, both in ergonomics and sound.

It is a pleasure to use, the smooth fit as it sits upon ones ears, the way it drops down easily to the days Dap of choice without coiling or tangling.
Although it is solidly built it also has a softness about it, which communicates to an ease of use.

As a cable it has quite a lot of control of the sonics, it is open and extends the sound stage of the IEM whilst remaining smooth.

The clarity, resolution and details are definitely improved over stock cables. I did not notice any particular boost in areas of frequency, it seems quite linear and genuine in its reproduction of the recordings.

Double Helix Cables have long been a favorite for many seeking aftermarket cables due to their high quality materials and attention to detail.

The Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-generation Model with Type 4 Litz will definitely become a part of my two pin cable rotation.

The DHC OCC Silver Litz, beauty, smoothness and clarity.

Thank you to Double Helix Cables for sending Head pie the Pure OCC Silver Litz IEM Cable V3 Next-Generation Model With Type 4 Litz for review.

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