Fujiya Avic Headphone Show, Tokyo. 4/29/2017 - expatinjapan

Fujiya Avic Headphone show, Tokyo Japan

Who said Head pie didn`t travel in style?
The show is about 10 minutes by bicycle from my house.

Nakano Sun Plaza when the shows are held in April and usually October.

A few of us Head-fiers met up at Starbucks early in the morning to get fueled up for the incoming onslaught of audio gear...and crowds of people.

Jerry Harvey of JH Audio joined us and showed us the new Lola in custom and universal.

iBasso DX200 and JH Audio Lola (special Jerry edition).

Head-fiers hard at work gathering impressions.

I entered the show on a PRESS pass to try to collect as many photos as possible before the crowds arrived and the place heated up.

My plan was to hit it fast, get some photos, listen to some gear and escape before it became super crowded.

I will let the photos do most of the talking.

ifi was there with their many boxes of tricks.

The ifi iOne BT which Head pie will finish reviewing soon.

Witch Girl.


The view from the 15th floor.

K2 Craft


Just for Michael

Astell and Kern.
I made the mistake of not getting in earlier to try the KANN, there was a long queue later.

JH Audio and Astell and Kern.


Dita and its Awesome plug - review on Head pie

Dita Truth in many colors, review on Head pie


The new Sony service for in ears

Sony Dap paradise.

I had a good talk with my friend Mr.Sato and the Sony crew.

Around this time the doors opened and it started to fill up.

Opus and its 1,2,3, Daps.
Opus#1 is reviewed on Head pie and Opus#3 will be reviewed soon.

We had a good conversation.

Dita the Dream, it was occupied earlier.

I always love this corner.

Campfire Audio.
some of all time favorite in ears and most of them have been reviewed on Head pie.

JH Audio.
Friendly as usual.

This year booth girls made a come back after several year absence.

Two lovely booths of natural wood products.

Audio Technica earphones and FiiO daps

Oh no a queue! The KANN was very popular, I waited my turn though.

I enjoyed the clarity, detail and spaciousness of the Campfire Audio Andromeda.

With the CA Vega it seemed to lose a bit of the musicality and dynamic sonics.
Still, overall I think its going to be a winner for A&K, its isn`t so large in person.

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