New Head-fi layout update

Looks great to me!

The new Head-fi layout has rolled out to mixed opinions...


Some are complaining about the look or the UI. I am sure it will be sorted out in due time.

Have patience young audio padwan.

Head pie news went in search of  a man on the street for his thoughts on the matter:

'This just in...Head-fiers a populace of a heavy trafficked audio site are at long last exposing themselves to the harsh rays of the sun in protest at a new layout. 

One protester who had since changed to IEMs from headphones because it thinned his hair remarked 'I buy a new dap everyone month and then have to get used to a new UI each time, this has put my purchases back a week at the very least!'


Whilst the peasants are revolting...


We can rest assured that in due time all things will return to normal and happiness for all.


1 comment :

  1. Hilarious post!

    For me the changes look nice, but I'm having issues on mobile like not being able to post comments, like comments, or do anything beyond browsing really.

    Also my community reputation has gone the way of the Dodo. Not sure if that can ever be recovered.