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PlusSound Exo Series cable review

PlusSound Exo series cable review

Unboxing and build.

The PlusSound Exo Cable comes in a a sensible and sturdy charcoal black cardboard box.
The flap contains a magnet with helps keep it shut firmly for future storage.

The cable arrived in a safely sealed plastic bag which required scissors to open.
Also a branded rubber band for rigs, all resting comfortably on a bed of foam.

The cable to my eyes has something organic and natural about it.

The wire used is T-Metal (consists of gold plated copper and silver + gold bundles) 
in Type 6 Litz configuration.

Solid and robust plug and connectors.

The MMCX connectors click into place with ease and authority.

Campfire Audio Dorado

(from the PlusSound website):

`Exo series displays the beauty behind the rich sound. 
This cable consists of four high quality, custom manufactured UPOCC stranded wires with a durable and flexible polyethylene insulation, which are then braided to provide better quality sound while reducing low range and interference noises. 
Selecting Type 6 Litz wires will prevent electrical anomalies such as skin effect and proximity effect, in addition to preventing oxidation by applying a special enamel coating to individually insulate every strand for long lasting sound quality and appearance. The multiple proprietary dampening cores function to reduce vibration - keeping conductivity constant throughout for the best quality sound. 
All wires are cryogenically treated to strengthen the structure of the wires for maximum durability and performance.  This is the perfect solution for use on the go, at home, and/or use on stage. 
With excellent ergonomics, sound quality, and constructed with only the highest quality components on the market, it is this best interchangeable cable available.

• Personalize your cable based on available options. [Contact PlusSound if you require a custom length or component]
• Ultra Pure OCC Type 6 Litz is the most advanced wire on the market featuring multiple proprietary dampening cores for vibration reduction, consistent conductivity, better overall feel and ergonomics, and prevents electrical anomalies.
• Selected PS connectors and plugs made from pure gold plated copper with strong anodized aluminum shell for high quality conductivity and reliability.
• Selected PS y-splitters and sliders are made out of anodized aluminum for optimal durability.
• 3D Printed y-splitters are designed and manufactured in-house from durable acrylic material.
• Handcrafted in the USA.

To learn more about a specific component, visit the PlusSound About page.

Package includes
• Exo Series Custom Cable
• Amplifier Band
• Information Card
• PS Premium Packaging [only for Priority and Express shipments]`

PlusSound exo series with Opus#3 and Campfire Audio Andromeda


Head phone switcher with ALO Audio interconnectors.
Opus33, iBasso Dx200, Opus#2 and Campfire Audio Nova.

The experience is one of naturalness, organic and detailed clarity fused together in a sonic synergy of wholeness. That audiophile word salad made me reach for my writers barf bag - but its true! 

The PlusSound Exo series looks and sounds organic, ie natural. There is an ease to its use and also to the listening experience which comes across as non fatiguing yet does not sacrifice any detail or soundstage whilst in doing so.

It is a smooth sounding cable that retains the usual Litz/silver signature of a slight v shape which is massaged into something more like a w or a soft u. That is to say it has enough mids to please.
This probably due to the materials used which is a T-Metal (consists of gold plated copper and silver + gold bundles) in Type 6 Litz configuration.

It seemed have a good match with most earphones I tested when paired with a complimentary dap.

The bass is present with a softness, the mids are warm and lush, the highs are clear but not over extended. Overall quite balanced with no serious emphasis on any particular range.

The sound stage of course is more dependent on the dap and earphone combination, but I did not detect the Exo series having any adverse effects.

Organic, natural, even with some body and detailed clarity.

Moar audio pron pics

iBasso DX200, iBasso IT03 and the PlusSound Exo series cable.

iBasso IT03

CEntrance Mini-M8

Campfire Audio Andromeda and the PlusSound Exo Series cable

PlusSound 2.5mm to Kobiconn/RSA adapter which I ordered at an earlier date t use with my CEntrance Mini-M8.

PlusSound Exo series cable and Campfire Audio Vega.


Price, build, performance and overall sonic experience make this cable a realistic purchase devoid of wallet regrets.


The PlusSound Exo Cable is a beautifully made cable with excellent ergonomics.

One of course can choose different splitters and connectors etc, I was pleased with the design choices that plusSound made made on my behalf.

It is lovely to look at and soft to the touch.
The neck slider has a good balance between being too tight or overly loose.
The MMCX connectors click into place with solid authority and yet also without much physical effort.
The cable itself has minimal micro phonics.
Build is solid and well crafted.

The sound is a natural and organic one, with clarity and details which is due to a mix the of materials used in it construction: T-Metal (consists of gold plated copper and silver + gold bundles) in Type 6 Litz configuration.

The Exo series cable by PlusSound smooth, organic and natural.

PlusSound Exo Series with the Campfire Audio Jupiter 

Thank you to PlusSound for sending head pie the Exo Series IEM cable for review

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  1. Paired with the Andromeda, how does it stack up against the ALO Audio Reference 8 Cable or even the stock Litz cable?