iBasso DX200 and the five amp modules so far. Plus iBasso adapter cables.
HiFace by M2tech - A juicy Italian DAC
-review by Ta-ke

My experience with M2tech products are from the audio shows, where their larger builds always look elegant in style and there is a feeling the brand always design gears in pico size, which actually fits the local lifestyle here in Asia.
Located in Pisa, Italy - it makes me curious what their other products do, and that's why I messaged our admin expatinjapan and had him loan me the formerly reviewed HiFace Dac- a DAC that packs in high specs in a very compact housing.

Hi-Face was originally reviewed on Head pie here:

HiFiman Edition S review 
by Niyologist

(Originally posted on Head-fi, ported here at the request of Niyologist).

Have you ever wondered what type of headphones you need on the go? Tired of bringing oversized headphones wherever you go? Well if you got a large spending budget for on the go headphones. The HiFiman Edition S Headphones are definitely for you. Not enough information? Well it's about time I got to that.

Introduction: The HiFiman Edition S is an interesting set of headphones from years of engineering from HiFiman. The sole purpose of the Edition S is to provide high quality audio. While maintaining the portable size and with decent durability as well. Is it what it's meant to be? I'll explain that further as I analyze further into detail.

Build Quality/Design: The Edition S is made out of a tough plastic. Even though the headband is made out of hard plastic. It would be better if it were thicker and reinforced by metal. At the headband, it seems that the plastic is quite rigid. There are L and R markers on each side of the bottom headband. Below the headband is the metal housing, with the magnetic grills and the covers to keep it in open back or closed back modes. There's also a removable cable port on the left side of the headphone. The Edition S can be folded and stored in the Silver Headphone carrying case that is provided with the Edition S.

 Hugo 2 with Van Nuys cover

Early review table mess

Later in time...

The original Head pie logo. 
Real pie, real headphones.

Macaw GT600S Review
by Gilly

Shoutout to Penon Audio for the review sample - I am in no way affiliated with Penon beyond receiving this sample for review, and have received no compensation for offering my unbiased opinion beyond this review unit.


Campfire Audio Dorado and Mandarines Symbio W tips

Mandarines Symbio W tips
-Impressions and word salad
Earlier brief impressions of the small bore.

Well this is our fourth installment of crappy Head pie memes.

As usual culled and collected from the Head pie Facebook page....

We seem to have ventured rather to the wastelands since the last post.

Nakano, Tokyo. Japan.
Fujiya avic holds several shows a year.

Shozy Alien+ and Shozy Zero earphones

My gaming headphones for ten years (two pad replacements) ATH-A900, Victor SU-DH1 dolby amp (discontinued)

2013 testing. ATH-ESW11 vs ATH-ES10 (with ESW11 pads), Centrance Hifi-M8 and Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr.

Alien+ review 98% done. Down to the wire! Headphone switcher, Alien Gold and Alien+ daps, ALO Audio SXC 8 mini to mini cables
 and Campfire Audio IEMs. All SPL volume matched.

Onkyo CR- N765 and Onkyo D-112EXT speakers (not stock set)  and Onkyo SL-T300 sub woofer

Astral Acoustics Taurus series cables -

Audio photos and stoopid memes!

Early rigs from way back when....

Old ipod 4th gen nano with really bad mp3s, Sennheiser MX760. I tried all the earbuds in store numerous times. Parting with $70 or so at the time seemed a lot for earphones. But they sounded great, especially with the boost the FiiO E5 amp gave them, sometimes usung the fabled middle setting. Using an Audiotrak lod- very clear cable. It sounded like heaven.

Gotta start somewhere. These days its easy to look on all the Dap and some rig photos and despair. But it wasnt always like that.

I think when I started around ten years back the CLAS was new, Cowon J3 and pirtable anplifiers were popular and we had seen a whiff of an AK dap yet.

First 'OMG! I just spent so much money, am I crazy!?' rig.
 ATH-ESW9, Fostex hp-p1 dac/amp, Qusp custom piccolino USB LOD, old iphone 4 as pure transport only using Flacplayer app.  
I did so much reading of different reviews, messenging and umm-ing and ahhing before I bought the Fostex hp-p1. Leather cover was frankensteined from a camera cover or something. I cut holes in it for cable ports, switch access.

Small beginnings. 

These days there are so many options out there and technology is great, prices have gone up across the board but there are still decent players and earphones/IEMs that can be bought that are low priced and sound great.

Review of Ocharaku Flat-4 Keyaki Plus and Akakeyaki Plus 
- by Mimouille

FiiO X7ii, Advanced AcousticWerkes W300U and a Double Helix Cable.