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 EN700 Simgot Pro review



Moving coil in-ear-headphone

Product Model     

Red&blue, red&black, red, blue, gray, black


Packing list          
Earphone、Eartips、Storage bag、Velcro、Manual、Global Warranty & VIP card、Brush

Specifications & parameters

-Transducer unit          
N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil driver
Polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm
-Frequency response
≥101dB(at 1000Hz)
<1%  101dB(20μpa)
-Channel imbalance   
<1.5dB(at 1000Hz)
-Rated power              
Hybrid 8 cores of single-crystal copper and silver-plated wires


The Simgot EN700 Pro moves away from its earlier predecessors with less emphasis on the bass and moving more towards a linear sound signature.
Thats not to say it is devoid of bass, but that it is not this earphones main defining feature.

The EN700 Pro has overall more control than the earlier models.
The vocals and music are fairly even with the vocals not being terribly overpowering.
They have a good deep bass, more centered around the mid bass area.
Mids are ever present, and although they do add a sense of body to the music there is no mid hump  so to speak, but there is added upper mids.
They certainly have more treble than the earlier bass versions.

They improve over the earlier EN700 bass in sound stage, instrument separation and imaging. Perhaps the improvement in the overall tuning and also the upgraded cable playing a part.
Its not a technical earphone, but has enough clarity and details to please.

I found the EN700 Pro to have the most control at lower to mid volumes.

The Simgot EN700 Pro can have an emphasis on either the bass or the highs depending on which tips are used. 
I liked the Tips 1 which had a more even presentation.
Use Tip 2 If you are after more bass and bit of v shape.

In comparison the earlier Simgot EN700 Bass model was from a L to V shaped, a full sound with deep. deep bass comapred to the EN700 Pro. 
I think in some ways EN700 Bass has more control or perhaps any minor faults might have been masked by its warmish and smooth signature.

EN700 Bass review here:

The earlier EN700 review seems similar to the EN700 Pro:
`I have found the EN700 to be fairly clear and even overall. The main focus seems to be the mids and vocals, then the treble, and lastly the bass. It appears quite neutral.

It is a $100 earphone and performs as such, but with that there is a pleasing aspect to it.

Bass: The bass is there, but is fairly narrowly presented. On occasion deep, but not in your face heavy.
Mids: Are clear and add a musicality to the presentation.  Crisp, smooth and lush. Not overly warm.
Treble: Has a good clarity. Adds a lightness and airiness to the presentation. No sibilance or harshness to the treble. 

Vocals: They come across as natural and are nicely matched to the music. Prominent, but neither too far forward nor recessed.

Sound stage: The sound stage is medium, but the separation of instruments makes up for this.
If I were to describe what I am hearing, the bass is in the middle of my head, the mids and treble reach the outside rim of my head and ears.

Instrument separation: This is done quite cleverly. The EN700 houses a large 10mm driver and it performs quite satisfactory. Quite musical, a bit of bleed in here and there but overall very enjoyable and laid back with decent details.`


The Simgot EN700 Pro comes in at around US$150.
The better tuning and improved cable playing a part in the increased price compared to the earlier US$100 models.


The Simgot EN700 Pro is a move to the side and upwards from earlier models.

The initial EN700 although having great sound suffered from fit problems due to its overly bulbuous shell shape.
The EN700 Bass came back with improvements in overall sonics and also a better shaped shell piece for a more comfortable fit.
The EN700 Pro comes in with a detachable two pin supple SPC cable, and improved sonics overall of the three, although some might prefer the EN700 Bass signature.

Fit is excellent and the cable is very ergonomic and not all stiff.

The Simgot Pro EN700 is a fairly linear earphone, but can also be tuned via the supplied sets of tips to give more emphasis to the bass or treble, but not excessively so.
Build and form of the earphones is great, the supplied cable is excellent. 
The sound should satisfy most people looking for a mature, laid back, natural and even-ish sound signature earphone in the sub $200 range.

Simgot continue to grow and develop.

Thank you to Simgot for sending the Simgot EN700 Pro to Head pie for review


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