Head pie two years anniversary (Mark 2 edit)

How time flies by!

Head pie is pleased to celebrate its two years anniversary.

Two years of reviews on the more vanilla Head pie blog/ website, Two years on the meme infested lighthearted Head pie Facebook group, and a year on instagram and twitter.

An early satirical video announcing Head pies arrival to the audio community. A time of big sites, few blogs and minimal audio social media presence generally.

In that time we have been fortunate to have worked and collaborated with some great companies, big and small, new and old. Its been a fun and exciting ride.

Head pie was and is an accidental review blog site in a way as the following interview video explains:

(Please turn on the subtitles)

Over time the reviews have gone from release when done in a rather haphazardly way and often to a more regular Friday publishing day.
They have gone from the short and simple, to the long and bloated and have now reached a healthy balance between the two.

Head pie was first set up as an antidote to an over seriousness in the audio world, putting the fun back in. Although for those who didnt peruse the Facebook page and its many memes about all things audio and self mocking memes this may have been missed at times as the webpage tried to remain fairly sober overall.

Head pie has always viewed itself as an international site, and generally employs language that is understandable for people for whom English is not a first language and that can also be easily read using google chrome browser as a translator.

At first it was relatively easy to pump out reviews with my family and work situation at the time, 2017 saw us blessed with the birth of  a second child and I also changed my work schedule both of which gave me less time to listen to gear and also to work on reviews.

In the two years there have been many changes in audio sites. There was mainly the big five audio sites when Head pie started and which still command a tremendous amount of well deserved visits each month.

And now over the past year we have had a large amount of audio blogs and social media pages and groups appearing with their own particular style. Unity in diversity, I wish them all well.

But some how Head pie has kept regular and survived over the two years.
Thanks in no small part to our few contributors whose reviews I greatly appreciate, especially in times when work and family have to take priority.

Head pie continues with no adverts,
Although we have experimented with adsense here and there, the site traffic isnt enough to justify having paid adverts or sponsors.
We are fortunate to have recieved many review items that Head pie has been allowed to retain for future reviewing comparisons and testing.

So thank you to all who have supported Head pie in any way over the last few years, there have been many changes in style and focus over that time, but I think Head pie has reached a place of balance and getting more back to its roots of simplicity and fun.

Kind regards


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