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Campfire Audio Dorado and Mandarines Symbio W tips

Mandarines Symbio W tips
-Impressions and word salad
Earlier brief impressions of the small bore.

Mandarines tips, from humble DIY cut, slice and insert beginnings have moved on to a more developed tip.
Outside is silicone and inside is a hard foam. They resemble the Sony Hybrids but with a more firmer inner foam.

 FiiO X7 Mark2 and Symbio Mandarines W tips

They come in two types: Small bore and Large bore.
diameter x height (in mm)
13x10, 12x10, 11x9.

13.5x9.5, 12x9, 10.5x9.

Large Bore: Just the tip. What goes on Vegas, stays on Vegas.

Where to buy:

Ebay blurb:

"Symbio Wide bore eartips!

The Symbio W has bore diameter 4.5mm , neutral influence to the IEMs sound signature . Allows  high frequency details and energy . Perfect seal for best bass .
No more seal problem  caused by shallow insertion!

Great seal of memory foam with longevity of silicone.
The foam has real gentle force to push the silicone to the wall of your ear
canal. In this way ear tip will pick up the shape of your ear canal. 
That means ----> tending to perfect isolation.

You need the best isolation to get the most from your earphones. 
Symbio will help to you in this.

Soft memory foam  (instead of sponge, as in "famous hybrid" tips...)  lives in perfect symbiosis with flexible and durable silicone.

Opus#2 Dap, Campfire Audio Vega and Symbio Mandarines W tips

Symbio W. 

Core  diameter 4.5 mm .
Size: S, M, L.
Please read the Manual on the last photo.

Box contains three pairs.
Choose the tip size by your request .

(Eg: 3 pair M or 2 pair M + 1 pair L or 2 pair S + 1 pair M etc.)

Leave me a message please at checkout about choosen size,
otherwise I'll send S, M, L size (one pair each)."

Campfire Audio Jupiter and Symbio Mandarines tips.

I have found the Symbio tips to provide a fairly neutral sound with the allowances for the usual results of using either a small bore or large bore in terms of increased or decreased bass, or more or less treble.

I found the Narrow smaller bore to be faster, warmer with decent detail and treble.

The Larger bore has better separation, a wider sound stage and little bit more top end than the smaller bore.

I like a tips with a large bore, the sound seems more natural to me, I prefer the highs. I also like a thicker silicone to add a bit of body to the sound when called for.

I use the Mandarines Symbio tips for the Campfire Audio Vega and Dorado and find they give a good grip, seal and isolation that I don't find on regular silicone tips (I usually don't use foam tips).

The sizing sometimes needs to go a bit smaller than ones usual choice as the foam inners change the way the tips compress in the ears. If one usually uses a M sized tip, perhaps the Symbio M might be ok, or perhaps an S size might fit better.  Case by case.

My other go to tips are the JVC Spiral Tips.

When other tips fail to provide, isolation and fit with comfort, try the Mandarines.

iBasso DX200 and Symbio Mandarines tips.

Thanks to Mandarines for sending Head pie the Symbio tips.


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