Head pie Awards 2017

Last year we had Head pies first Awards.

It was somewhat tongue in cheek and a parody of sorts. Fueled mainly by the humor that is generally kept to Head pies Facebook and instagram accounts.

We are nearing two years now so decided to be less profane as last year, as we continue to mature as a review site.

We realize awards are quite important to some companies and websites so we also want to contribute towards the industry.

Without further ado I present to you

The Head pie Awards 2017!

'The crowd goes wild'

Directions: please fill in your company name. We recommend Didot font. Display at your headquarters, on tour office wall or over the matrimonial bed. You are welcome to share on social media such as Facebook, twitter and instagram etc

Enjoy your achievement, bask in the glory!
"Never, never, never give up!" -W.Churchill.

We were even thoughtful enough to include a blank. Shine on you crazy diamond!

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