Fujiya Avic Headphone Show Nov 10/2017

Nakano, Tokyo. Japan.
Fujiya avic holds several shows a year.

Usually I buzz about and take as many photos as possible for the internet hordes, but this time I spent more time looking and listening to what I was interested in and talking to people.

Much more fun.

*If you want to see more photos of other shows, just search ‘headphone show’ or ‘Japan’ as the many other photo essays have tons more photos.

I was inside a bit earlier on a press pass so the last minute setting up was still going on.

FiiO !

ifi had a few new tricks up their sleeve.

This little unit was what I had been waiting for from ifi. Something that keeps their versatilty but is also easily portable and stackable.
Or just use the BT.

Once again so many functions.

Another new item

And another!
ifi Nano iDSD BL
ifi certainly seem to be listening to thwir fans and developing what they want and need.

I never realised this player was so small. 

Meze Meze Meze!

Clear Tune Monitors

I had tried various of their Vintage series and reviewed the VS4, this time I got to try a few new up and coming items

The Nine lX and the Ten X.

The ten was more dynamic with a bit of low end body, the nine was more linear and more towards my personal taste. Detailed and quite transparent.  
A very different flavor from the jukebox sound of the Vintage Series.

Audio Opus and their new Opus#1 dap (Version 2 If you will).
The Opus S1

I A/B’d the original Opus#1 with the bew Opus#1 (and volune checked with spl meter).

As we know the original Opus#1 is quite linear, the new version of the Opus#1 mark 2 is more dynamic, deeper, fuller and bolder.

Some new up and coming earphones from Dita. 
Two new models have been announced at the show.

Fidelity and Fealty
Are the new earphones names.

MojoPoly ‘Lets play a game...’

VanNuys had many cool bags and cases for gear. Beautifully made

New gold cables from ALO Audio

Campfire Audio Polaris. I quite liked it. More of an even presentation than the expected B shape that a DD+BA often yields.

Head-fi and Head pie together (again)


Head-fi auto aphyxiation device TM 
(I survived the trap!) Thanks for the gift!

New Dita IEMs 

This beast. Sounded ao sweet!!!

The FiiO F9 earphones sounded pretty good

I liked this display.

All in all a fun morning.
Great to see familiar faces and try out some gear


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