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I remember the first time the Monk earbuds by Venture Electronics made some noise some two to three years ago. Audio peeps raised their eyebrows and were like, ‘lmao no way a pair of five-dollar earbuds that looks like those stock earphones you get with your mobile would sound good.’ And, of course, I’d say they were proven wrong.

I got my first pair when I won an online raffle at the King Rudi Facebook page. A pair of rare red Monk+. I tried it and I instantly understood what the fuss was about. I was accustomed to using IEMs at that time and trying the Monks was like going from using closed-back to open-back headphones. Like open-back headphones, isolation wasn’t the best. I only used em at home or in quiet caf├ęs. I sometimes use em when walking a busy street so I’d be somewhat aware of my surroundings and I eventually learned the art of treating music coming out of the earbuds like they’re background music of me walking about. But also, like open-back headphones, the bass sounded more natural and the soundstage was unbelievable. And these were coming from a $5 pair.

Of course I can’t fail to mention that one time I sold my soul to Damon for a spare Monk+.