iBasso DX200 amp chart by Head-fi`er Mike-Wl

Bal = balanced
HO = headphone out
LO = line out
PO = phone out
SE = single ended
S/N = signal-to-noise ratio
THD+N = total harmonic distortion + noise

* play time depends on multiple factors

This a chart posted by Head-Fi`er Mike-Wl and reproduced here with his permission in the iBasso DX200 thread here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dx200-affordable-high-end-audio-dual-es9028pro-dacs-amp1-amp3-amp5-amp7-amp8-firmware-2-10-215.791531/page-912#post-14267370

The link will also give you a full sized version which isn`t practical on this page.

Head pie has an article with the official photos/stats of the amps here: https://www.headpie.net/2017/11/ibasso-dx200-amp-series-information.html

(Head pie has also reviewed some amps but will revisited and also update the reviews along the with the most recent amps soon. It being due to the new Firmware release of Android 8.1 Oreo and its over effect on the improved sound of the DX200).

Thank you to Mike-Wl

Also check out Twister6 reviews of some of the amps. Great summary

*Head pie note: Amp 2, Amp 4 and Amp 4S are discontinued I believe.


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