Updated iBasso DX200 to Oreo 8.1

  1. Updated to the new firmware today

    Had a quick listen to amp 1 (resintalled the amp1 just to be safe for the update) on the way to my friends house and also on the wayback afterwards. Certainly more resolution etc.

    I think he had already installed the driver (step 1).
    And also was running the androidtool already. (Step 2).

    The rest was fairly easy as we followed the instructions.

    Push play on dx, insert usb c. The loader pops up, click update. Download and install. Done.

    I was surprised that it was fairly fast.


    My music was still on the internal memory afterwards but I did a factory reset (erase all data)
    -and that of course erased the music (which I had already backed up on an external hard drive).

    Music has been readded and now is scanning.

    Next is to do some listening with amp 1 and the CA Andromeda then switch back to my current favorite amp 8.

    More to come!

    From the iBasso Facebook page:
    The DX200 Android 8.1 Oreo beta version firmware (PC based, sorry no Mac) is now available for download.  With the Oreo, the DX200 now supports aptX and LDAC. Furthermore, the file system is upgraded from ext4 to F2FS, which is optimized for eMMC, which provides better audio data transmission.  As can be seen on the below picture, the whole system scores 39,775, this is much better than the Android 6.1 OS. It is a 35% improvement.  Open Wonder, enjoy Oreo and always, Enjoy the Music! 

    Please allow more time to scan files with this beta version. If not enough time is allowed, cards will not be fully scanned. 

    The firmware can only be updated using our Android batch tool.  Below is the download address.


    Links if you wish to return to Android 6.1

    DX200/150 batch tool (Android6.1)

    DX200 V2.1.94 image  (Android6.1)


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