Fujiya Avic Headphone Show 10/2018

Fujiya Avic Headphone Show - quick look

Saturday morning whizz through

I went in early on my PRESS pass so the stalls were still setting up and of course no crowds of people yet.

This gives me a chance to talk to a few vendors and try a few earphones and daps I really want to too before it gets too busy and noisy.

The busy hustle and bustle of setting up, the seemingly  calm before the storm.

Shanling. Love the M0 and the M3s. Lookingforward  to the MS5

I had a preview listening session of. project 71 aka the Bumblebee / cant say much at the moment. But rich and smooth.

Long time Dita fan

Another great company that looks after its customers and supports Head pie.

Astell and Kern as always. Alex!? Missed you

I am enjoying the FiiO M9 review unit at the moment

See Head pie reviews for more FiiO product reviews

Brainwavz (Review coming)  and LEAR - Enjoyed the Kaleido

Campfire Audio Equinox (universal version of the CIEM)

Smooth, nice bass. Like Atlas but vented, no driver flex.
Universal demo is a good easy fit.
Bass thick and lingering with a fast response, clear treble, more mids than Atlas.
More ‘tame and flatter than Atlas’


Head pie has reviewed most of the CA earphone line up. Check out the reviews in the review section

Solaris - The pinnacle of the CA line up

Caleb and Ken


Wow factor (And I rarely get that these jaded days).

I demoed a burned in unit with a Sony dap and 4.4mm cable. Using foam tips.

Balanced and coherent. Even, but not flat or neutral. But towards that yet in a realistic sense. 

It even made me a bit on the verge of being teary eyed, so beautiful sound.

A hydrid done right.

Certainly Campfire Audio have reached a high point of their development within the limits of todays technology.  

I remember the first demo unit I recieved from CA the Jupiter and being blown away at the time and later the Andromeda which improved on the Jupiter.

I had a similar experience with the Solaris.

*A short show impression but it certainly left an impact on me.

I enjoyed it so much I didnt get all analytical whilst listening to it.

I always love these guys stuff they bring

This time they had two PRESS rooms, which was very welcome as it can be exhausting covering shows. A nice break away from it all and wifi was very wrlcome.

Thank you Fujiya Avic

The crowds were all lined up the stairwell for many floors hoping to get some of the sales items

iBasso again. Good to see them back in Japan

iBasso daps and the new SR1 headphone.

DX120 and SR1 reviews foming soon on Head pie. Many other iBasso product reviews on Head pie.

This was interesting technology

iFi Audio presentation. iFi !xCan

YAXI pads. Review coming soon

Cayin N8. Sounded fantastic. Smooth and transparent.

New Meze Headphone. Second time listening. Still stunning.

Then I was tired as usual after a few hours and we were hosting a childrens Halloween party for a few neighborhood friends and had to head home to clean and set up the house.

Pasta and a nap

Up and coming unboxings and reviews

Dita - Twins and Campfire Audio Solaris


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