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FiR Audio Headphone Vac Jr review
- expatinjapan

"The Headphone Vac Jr. is the IEM vacuum tool with the best value on the market. The Headphone Vac Jr. is everything that is amazing about The Headphone Vac, but in a smaller size which is perfect for maintaining your personal sets of IEMs. You can quickly and easily remove earwax and keep your ears sounding perfect in any environment from backstage to your home. " - via the FiR Audio website

FiR Audio interview

The Headphone Vac and Headphone Vac. Jr.

Headphone Vac
12v Power Adaptor
Clear Tube with Accessories and Tips
2 Replacement Filters
User Manual

Flow Rating: 6 Lpm 

L: 121.9mm
W: 66.5mm
H: 34.8mm

Packed full of attachments.
A cover, a metal tip for vacuuming, two cleaning pins and a plastic vacuum tip.

Spare foams to catch the grit, grime, wax and mystery stuff, a longer cleaning tool and brush.

How the attachments fit together.

Have the foam about half way up, once the end gets dirty you can trim it will scissors and reuse.

Clicks nicely in place.

Push in the chosen cleaning attachment, here I have opted fro the metal tip.

The beautiful blue box where it all happens

A nice handy assortment of plugs to hopefully keep most people happy.
What a great idea.

Japan style.

Simply plug in the power cable, push the button and off you go.

The Campfire Audio Andromeda gets a decent clean in every hole because it is filthy.

Gently does it, one does not want to force it, slowly and firmly insert,
move it around a bit and apply gentle thrusts until satisfied.

"If a gentle push stops that’s when you know to stop. Never force." - FiR Audio

Two IEMs, one vacuum.

You can see a little bit of gunk that has been removed. 
I am one of the fortunate who does not have heavy earwax build up.



Final words

The FiR Audio Headphone Vac Jr is a tool to be used by audiophiles and lovers of music to keep their equipment operating at their peak.

The photos more than my words tell the story of how it works and its benefits are obvious. Whether one just wants to remove fluff, dirt and minimal ear wax or perhaps the user has heavy earwax the Headphone Vac Jr is a wise choice.

If one has a couple or a whole stable of IEMs, especially of a more pricey nature then a device such as the Headphone Vac is a no brainer.

The FiR Audio Headphone Vac Jr, it works as advertised.

I for one am happy to have my Campfire Andromedas squeaky clean.

"If a gentle push stops that’s when you know to stop. Never force.# - FiR Audio 

Video of the FiR Audio Headphone Vac Jr in action

Gently does it...

Thank you to FiR Audio for sending the Fir Audio Headphone Vac Jr for review


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