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The Fujiya Avic Headphone Show 10/22/2016

Once again the Fujiya Avic was stuffed to the rafters with audio equipment and visitors from around Japan and the world.

Stand outs for me this time was the new Campfire Audio lineup (Vega, Dorado and Lyra II IEMs),
The new DITA `Awesome plug` cable, the DITA DREAM earphone and the new Noble earphone the Sage.

I arrived a bit early than the main crowd due to my PRESS pass and rushed around taking photos of the gear before the main crowds arrived. So as you will see it starts off quietly and eventually gets populated. I stayed from 10:30am - 1:45pm which was enough for me.

Most photos are self explanatory and need no comment.

Japan local earphone company, Ocharaku.


The larger home and desktop systems.

View of west Tokyo.

Hifiman introducing their well known products and the new Supermini Dap.



Final Audio


JH Audio

ALO Audio and Campfire Audio

The Vega, Dorado and Lyra II

 The Vega is deep and full sounding. It has excellent clarity and sound stage. The bass hits but is also clean, tight and fast.

The Dorado is deeper, and has a medium v shaped signature. Bouncy and energetic. It has a good weight to the sound. Fun but still CA smooth.

The Lyra II is more flat...in a sense, it has more mids, warm, even and great instrument separation. Full with an excellent low end.

In terms of sound signature to my ears (And Ken confirmed I was pretty much on the Ball - excuse my pun).
Vega = XXX
Dorado = XxX
Lyra = XXx

The new Continental v5 was present also and has many fans on Head-fi

 A gorgeous gold Rx

The new 8 wire cable that ALO/CA is bringing out in a variety of configurations.

The Litz is a 4 wire.

The new cable is an 8 wire cable, 4 silver and 4 copper. It has a bigger sound, more low end and a larger sound stage.

(I had some more notes here but they are a bit garbled so I will check with CA).

Some of the older crew of the multi armature variety from Campfire Audio.

Famous Currawong of Head-fi and his own youtube audio review channel.

Westone introducing their new IEM


The ProX prototype.

Sound is clean and full, good sound stage. Volume steps are good now.
Lots of power. Good quality music playback.
Music sounds good, clear well balanced, lacks a certain dynamic, flat at times but better than the JR2, it has a nice low end body. Clear accurate. Not digital sounding, yet not organic either.
Needs improvement on the UI still.

Video playback. Youtube looked smooth.

memory card goes here...

 Cyberdrive music player app

Mr OHm Image himself

I did see John Darko but forgot to click a shot, and missed seeing Jude also.

The behemoth that is Astell and kern. (missed seeing Alex An).


DITAs awesome plug, is well...awesome. A idea come to fruition that was well over due. Now no need to buy many cables, one will do the job nicely with a variety of adaptors.

DITA the Dream earphone.

Dreamy, liquid, smooth, clear. Brilliant tuning, not flat - but even.
More mids than previous models yet still full.
Organic, beautiful. It does everything right.

So relaxing and enjoyable.

(detachable awesome cable).

My Opus#1 Dap


The Wizard himself

The sage

A half fullness, just right. Smooth, detailed, slightly forward vocals, great detail, a light touch, slight v, great highs and not harsh, excellent clarity,  it has a holographic aspect. Everything is tight and fast,

One of the recent Head Pie giveaway winners picks up his prize in person.
Congrats Nino! Nice to meet you.

Head fi! Sorry I missed you this time Jude.

The SINE, making a SINE later in the day

Echobox, Their DAP is nearly here!


Nobunga labs

Sorry I missed meeting you this time Tat Ma.

Then outside was some anime/idol festival.


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