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ubsound `The Fighter` review.
A pleasant surprise at a bargain price.

The aluminum build of ubsound The Fighter seems well constructed and durable. 
The Fighter is designed to fit a stylish form of mind. 
Where the cable runs into the IEMs looks to be sturdy but I wonder whether more stress support could be added there.
The housings could be smaller, and the nozzles longer, plus the housing closest to the earhole could be rounded off more.
The cable itself is of the flat variety and seems to avoid tangle issues because of it. 
The 3.5mm jack is gold plated.
But in general no real complaints apart the above minor details, they are built to stand up to everyday use.

This is always a problem for reviewers, keep in mind that ubsound The Fighter retails on for US$49 at the moment, and as such I will be assessing it within its price point and possible target audience.

I considered using my Centrance Hifi-Skyn or Shozy Alien to test these out but decided the target audience would be more the basic portable casual user of ipods, iphones etc and decided on using my ipod touch 6G as the source dap.

The Fighters had well over (recommended) 50 hours of time on them before I started into my review.

The first point one notices is the bass and there are clouds of them, sharp and clear. Its not fast bass.
The next thing one hears is the treble and then of course I searched for the mids, the mid range is there for sure but The Fighter definitely fits into the V shaped territory, or at the very least a U shaped territory.
Vocals are sweet and smooth and have enough breadth to please.
Instrument separation although not on the level of the big boys is pleasing, it can start to smear at high volumes.
Detail is present and engaging.
Distortion is low at most volumes.
For extended listening session it was non-fatiguing and rather smooth.

Ubsound The Fighter comes with three sets of tips, as usual I opted for the largest size as it gives me the best seal usually.
The Fighter can be worn either hanging down style or over the ears, choose what is best for fit and comfort preferences, I found over the ear was my choice of preference.
The cable being of rubber can cause some microphonic noise.
Isolation is not absolute, but within the acceptable range.
I would also recommend tapering of the earphones housing shell for an easier fit, perhaps even a slight lengthening of the nozzle itself.

Well US$50, what could go wrong? Right, right, amirite?
These are one of the first attempts it seems by this rather new Italian company that has been active for four years, and they have done quite well within the price range.
The sound is acceptable out of my ipod touch 6G.
The  fit is also well within my desired zone of comfort.
Build is solid enough to last, but as usual I haven`t put them through any overly damaging stress tests.

They say you get what you pay for, and this true of The Fighter, but you also get a little more. I was admittedly not impressed with this IEM in my earlier listening sessions and was dreading writing the review. As it got more hours on it and I got a good fit with the large tips and opted for the ipod touch as source I started to actually enjoy them.
Owners of TOTL Daps and IEMs won`t be the target audience for these I am guessing, but they are good choice for the afore mentioned as a casual set up for the gym, around the house etc and at a price that won`t back the bank.
I think most non critical casual users of phones and the like would enjoy these IEMs very much with their emphasis on the lows and highs which gives a dynamic and exciting feel. Also the V signature is perfect for commutes to balance the outside noise of buses and trains and their various movements.
All in all If your budget is within $50 dollars The Fighter is certainly worth a look.

I look forward to seeing what ubsound come up with in the future as they head into the mid range price point of earphones.

A big thank you to ubsound for sending us The fighter for review - expatinjapan.


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