Five days to go.

Who`s the lucky one? 

*The winner will be randomly chosen from the Head Pie Facebook group. 
*You must be a member on the Head Pie Facebook group to qualify to enter.

*Click the link for full details.

Thanks Theodorus Chandra!

First day out with Echobox Finder X1 earphones.
Paired with Centrance Hifi Skyn, ipod touch 6G 128GB and Flacplayer app.

Build of the earphones is solid. 

The cable is exquisite, strong and looks beautiful, almost a custom cable style.

It is early days for how the sound is. I am trying the first of three filters that you can screw in

to alter the sound.

My early impressions after over ten hours burn in and then listening today is positive.

CEntrance HiFi-Skyn Review
By Dr. Sheep

"There can be only one!"

Thanks to the generosity of COZOY they have offered to present the random winner of the Head Pie end of year giveaway with a spanking new COZOY Aegis. Yes, you heard that right.


Thank you Cozoy!

*The winner will be randomly chosen from the Head Pie Facebook group. 
*You must be a member on the Head Pie Facebook group to qualify to enter.

The COZOY Aegis has also been reviewed on Head Pie and I can attest that is a beautiful looking and also sounding device. Light weight and solidly built.

The COZOY Aegis is perfect for a giveaway in terms that it is a device that nearly anyone with a love of audio can find a use for. Being designed for iOS/Android/Mac/PC - someones gotta have at least one.

There are three types of cables included to meet the above uses and needs.

The rules, the hows, the what to dos.

Like, like and like.

To enter you MUST be a member of the Head Pie group on Facebook.
To enter you MUST Like the COZOY page on Facebook.

OPTIONAL - *Please like or share this post which I will upload to Facebook.

*On December 31st, we will choose a random winner from the Head Pie Facebook group.

This will be done by placing two sets of the alphabet into a box and then taking out two letters.  Anyone whose first and last names correspond to the two chosen letters in the order they were taken out of the box(according to their Facebook profile) will then have their names written down and placed into another box. 
From there we will take out the name of the final winner and announce it on the Head Pie page.

The winner will have 48 hours to confirm/contact us via Facebook or email.

Upon failure to contact us we will have another full draw/selection once again starting with the two sets of alphabets.

Please note:
*This is a friendly and simple community giveaway.
*COZOY will post out the Aegis to the winner.
*Any extra shipping or customs costs will be borne by the winner.
*The COZOY Aegis is the only choice and no negotiation for any other COZOY product shall be entered into or entertained.
*Remember to say thank you :)

Kind regards and seasons greetings from Head Pie and COZOY.

Good luck to everyone....

"And may the Force be with you, always."

Ooh, ooh.....what is it going to be?

*Open to members of the Head Pie group on Facebook.

Echobox Finder X1 unboxing.