Shozy earbud unboxing and impressions - Rudi0504

For the first time after more than 5 years I listened to some earbuds.
Not because of the Sound Quality. It is more my outer Ear Canal is too small .I cant get the seal and they always fall out by themselves.

Today I have Shozy Earbud 1st Gen pair with Onkyo DP X1.

And I have also tried Shozy Earbud 2nd Gen with Silver and Oyaide Connector.
Source :
Onkyo DP X1.
Earbud :
SHOZY 1st Gen.
2nd Gen with Silver Cable and Oyaide Connector.

If you like a smooth sounding audiophile Earbud .
Shozy 1st Gen is your Choice.

High :
Is smooth but rich in detail
2nd Gen: high is more crisp and more clear too.
Mid :
Analog and sweet Mids.
2nd Gen Mid has better and clearer Pronounce.
Bass :
Very good in detail.
Bass impact is good.
2nd Gen has better Bass Impact and better Bass speed and Clarity too.
It is good.
2nd Gen has very good separation.
Soundstage :
Wide and very good depth.
2nd Gen more 3D like a big Concert Hall.



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