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Centrance Hifi-Skyn.

Impressions from first few days of casual listening with about ten hours of use (not a final full review).

*DITA-The Truth, ATH-CK10 and ATH-ESW11.
*Ipod touch 6G 128GB, Flacplayer and relisten apps.

The Hifi Skyn is what I have become to be accustomed to from Centrance. 

A robust, solid and clean build is the first noticeable point of the unit.
The Skyn has three levels of gain - IEMs, line out and over the ear headphones. 3.5mm headphone jack, charging and on/off LED lights and a power on/off switch. It also comes with a small flat rubber insert to be used with ipod touches for a good fit, iphone users need not worry - I did lose it one day and several pieces of folded paper did the same trick.

The sound is also what might be termed the in house Centrance sound: uncolored and flat in the sense it isn`t boosted in the lows, mids or highs leaving the user to decide how they would like their music to sound by choosing an appropriate pair of headphones or using one of the music player OS apps with EQ. I generally stick to using no EQ.

I have the gain switch set in the middle position as that is also the setting I preferred on the Centrance Mini-M8 and also the Hifi-M8.

My early sound impressions have been positive. It certainly is uncolored. I have some recordings which aren`t as well mastered and the Skyn has been quite unforgiving on them, in that it has played those recordings back so the flaws are easily noticeable.
Decent mastered tracks are rewarding to listen to, and enjoyable.
On my daily commute by train I have found it to be a trusty companion allowing myself to be lost within the music and not searching for technical faults with the device itself.

The sound is full, with a decent separation of instruments, highs are where you expect them to be and not sibilant, drums are recreated with realism and vocals are well balanced within the music itself and not forward as on some devices.

All in all my early impressions are positive, as of yet I have not run the battery dry by my OCD need to routine charge but will do so for the full review eventually.

It feels weight wise well balanced, the covering is soft and firm and seems to provide an adequate grip to the device.

More to come...
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