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HP: Thanks for agreeing to take the time to do this interview 

HP: First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company.

è  My name is Alex An from Iriver HQ in Korea. I am in charging of Global Marketing and branding of Astell&Kern.

HP: Please tell us about your current product line up.

è  We current have three major line up. First one is Portable DAC which is AK100ii, AK120ii, AK240, AK380 and recently we announced AK320. Second is Hi-Fi audio which is 500N and AKT1. Last one is collaboration items which is what we develop together with our partners like JH Audio, Beyerdynamic and Crystal Cable.

A&K Ti8e

HP: The AK100 was a DAP that made people in the portable world sit up and take notice, it seemed to signal a new age of portable gear . How did it come about to be made? Were you surprised at its reception?. 
è  Our company, Iriver is quite well know brand for MP3 player. MP3 gives chances to people listen music easily however it compromise sound quality. Since after we suffered difficulties from the MP3 market smaller, we decided to develop what we can do well. That is the reason how we decided to AK100. Differ to traditional Hi-Fi, portable Hi-Fi is combination of Hi-Fi and IT technology. We are quite good to make portable device and after several years of development, we can finally develop portable Hi-Fi device.

HP: And now we have had the AK240, then AK380 and now the AK320. 


HP: Is there a particular sound signature Astell and Kern are aiming for with their products?
è  We always try to make AK sound as close as original sound and flat.

HP: Thanks for your time, Alex.

Kind regards
expatinjapan/Head pie.


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