e-earphone portable audio festival, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. 12/19/2015 - expatinjapan/Damon.

Today I went to the e-earphone portable audio festival in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.

Akihabara is a bustling busy place and I don`t venture there very often.
The show was well organized and the venue was very spacious.

I think I will let the photos tell the story.

Outside and entrance door.
E-earphone portable audio festival.

 They even had food trucks and a dining area.

 Inside B1 we find our friend from Comply again.

 Headphone girl for Ultrasone.

 Audio Technica woodies ATH-ESW950 -I liked these a lot.

 Vmoda of course!

Sensaphonics IEMs - made from a nice soft silicone.

 I spent some talking with Michael Santucci of Sensaphonics - 
A very interesting and knowledgeable man.

 NOBLE displaying their wonderful IEMs.

Lotoo DAPs.

Someones stack of goodness.


OPPO DAC/Amp in many colors!

Another headphone girl. This time for Cowon.

Great size and also fantastic sound. very clear.

Our friends at Venturecraft displaying the spirit of the season!

Venturecrafts new DAP.

ibasso looked a bit quiet.

My surprise of the show. A little company from Taiwan with mini Hi-Res daps, dacs for PCs and a range of earphones that at first try sounded quite good.
They had a sale on so I purchased two pairs for ¥2000 each (US$20 each).
I will review them in due time.

Questyle - Well the hype is the truth. I tried their DAP/Player and was very impressed.

 Aedle headphone girl.

A make your own tube amp kitset was what I guessed.

It was great to catch up with George and the rest of the Echobox team. 
Thank you again for the Finder X1 for us to review on head pie for our readers.

What? Who? John Darko of audio website DAR spotted in his native habitat!

Echobox Finder X1 earphones with Centrance Hifi-Skyn.

Thunder plugs!!!!! Ear protectors for concerts etc was what I gathered.

UFO hovering magnetic I don`t now magic speaker set up.

Soundclear - Some would say this an oil of the reptilian variety,
I don`t know, I didn`t sample its possible wonders.

J.harvey of JH Audio.

POLK - I had a great chat with the staff of Polk.

The Fiio range of DAPs.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Pictures from e earphone show

  2. I couldn't find much news about the festival. This is a great opportunity to catch up. Thanks for sharing!