Happy New Year.

Congratulations to Daniel Janong, the winner of the COZOY Aegis.

A big thank you to COZOY for their generosity in providing the COZOY
Aegis for the giveaway.

We at Head Pie had a fun time promoting the competition.

We look forward to the next giveaway!

Kind regards
Its the season to be jolly...and lazy.

Please bear with us as we take this downtime until the passing of the new year.

We will post the winner of the COZOY Aegis giveaway here and on Facebook once we have confirmed they 'liked' the COZOY Facebook page.

Have a Happy New Year!

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Five days to go.

Who`s the lucky one? 

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Thanks Theodorus Chandra!

First day out with Echobox Finder X1 earphones.
Paired with Centrance Hifi Skyn, ipod touch 6G 128GB and Flacplayer app.

Build of the earphones is solid. 

The cable is exquisite, strong and looks beautiful, almost a custom cable style.

It is early days for how the sound is. I am trying the first of three filters that you can screw in

to alter the sound.

My early impressions after over ten hours burn in and then listening today is positive.

CEntrance HiFi-Skyn Review
By Dr. Sheep

"There can be only one!"

Thanks to the generosity of COZOY they have offered to present the random winner of the Head Pie end of year giveaway with a spanking new COZOY Aegis. Yes, you heard that right.


Thank you Cozoy!

*The winner will be randomly chosen from the Head Pie Facebook group. 
*You must be a member on the Head Pie Facebook group to qualify to enter.

The COZOY Aegis has also been reviewed on Head Pie and I can attest that is a beautiful looking and also sounding device. Light weight and solidly built.

The COZOY Aegis is perfect for a giveaway in terms that it is a device that nearly anyone with a love of audio can find a use for. Being designed for iOS/Android/Mac/PC - someones gotta have at least one.

There are three types of cables included to meet the above uses and needs.

The rules, the hows, the what to dos.

Like, like and like.

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The winner will have 48 hours to confirm/contact us via Facebook or email.

Upon failure to contact us we will have another full draw/selection once again starting with the two sets of alphabets.

Please note:
*This is a friendly and simple community giveaway.
*COZOY will post out the Aegis to the winner.
*Any extra shipping or customs costs will be borne by the winner.
*The COZOY Aegis is the only choice and no negotiation for any other COZOY product shall be entered into or entertained.
*Remember to say thank you :)

Kind regards and seasons greetings from Head Pie and COZOY.

Good luck to everyone....

"And may the Force be with you, always."

Ooh, ooh.....what is it going to be?

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Echobox Finder X1 unboxing.

Today I went to the e-earphone portable audio festival in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan.

Akihabara is a bustling busy place and I don`t venture there very often.
The show was well organized and the venue was very spacious.

I think I will let the photos tell the story.
Hello Head Pie community,

Feel free to contact us at headpieblog@gmail.com or via our Facebook group page.

We are looking for audio companies to interview - because at Head Pie we are interested in the people and the history behind the products, audio gear to review and write impressions of and new writers to contribute articles.


Kind regards as always

Centrance Hifi-Skyn.

Impressions from first few days of casual listening with about ten hours of use (not a final full review).

Centrance Hifi-Skyn unboxing - expatinjapan.

Cozoy Aegis.

The Cozoy Aegis is one of the many recent releases by Cozoy in the last few years.
They seem to be making their way nicely in the audio world as a new company, releasing several products that have been greeted favorably by users on various forums.

AK240SS and Fitear MH335

The Solar is the top of the Line balanced armature from Rhapsodio, a small company based out of Hong Kong. 
This flagship, boasting 10 drivers(2 tweeters, 2 high, 4 mid, 2 bass, 5-way passive crossover design), is starting to enjoy a great reputation among audiophiles as its U-shaped, spacious and fast signature competes with the best.

Source : Cayin N5.
Interconnect : Crystal Cable Reference. Amp : Fostex HP-V1. IEM : Shure SE215 Special Edition. Cable : Custom hybrid silver-copper, oyaide rhodium plug.

DBE pr 30 rev iii : 
Made in indonesia.
The look is very similar to Fidue A 65, they sound balanced, good punchy bass but not dark, and good treble extension but not bright.
I got them for only about 30$ and for my ears.. they are definitely worth double the price tag, the separation is really good for the price, the soundstage is not really wide but it has a good sense of depth so the imaging is surprisingly quite nice.

The fit is also good, you can wear them straight down or over the ear but because of the large housing some people may find difficulties in fitting them for the first time, small tips are recommended.

Shure SE 215 : 
A dark bassy IEM with a noticable treble rolloff, bass is the first thing you realize when you hear them.
A great authoritive bass that digs deep, the mid is warm, sometimes too warm for female vocals, making them sound veiled. 
The treble rolloff is not really enjoyable for hearing instruments but it's definitely non fatiguing.. they isolate really well and the fit is so damn good, tips rolling, eq, and If they change the cable it could release their potential.. it's on the opposite polar from Fiio.

-Michael Natanael Soedarsono.

Fiio ex 1: 
It is my current favorite IEM.. it has great details for it's price.. the treble is extended with smooth end.. such a pleasure to hear violins from them, and the bass is really great.. it has an airy rumble but quite fast decay, and i really love the bass texture which is powerful yet smooth.. the noticable downside of it is the isolation.. they don't really isolate well because of the air vent.. so use a warm setup and hear them in quiet place to get the best of them.
qls qa360 dap with Yuin pk1 earbuds.

Thanks for agreeing to take the time to do this interview.

The headphones are Shure SE846.

The player is a Fiio X1 Dap coupled with a Fiio E12 portable amplifier.

Photo and gear by Dan Walsh.

Nah, go on...talk about Head Pie :)

Shure SHA900 DAC Amp @ the Mook Headphone festival. 

Smooth, Laid back. 

Sweet sounding Amp, good separation, musical overall.. only tried with IEMs.

No hiss at all at my iem. Black back ground

-Suhadi Santoso

Via Facebook.

Thanks Damon -- may I ask some questions first:

1. How honest could we go?

2. Regulation on review unit, free review unit/sample, "free" review unit/sample?
3. What if the review is against the products of site sponsors?

1).Be honest.
2). Be transparent. Say whether you bought, got given or were loaned the unit for review.
3). We have no advertising or sponsors as such, as yet. 


What we are looking for:

Short pieces, medium pieces, long pieces.

Each submission would ideally contain 1-5 photos.

Short announcements about new products.

Impressions of gear that you have tried or that you own.

Short or lengthy review of gear (Daps, amps, headphones, earphones etc).

Comparisons between similar products in the same price range (Daps, headphones, amps etc).

Articles on cables, bit rates, audio shows etc.

Interviews with makers, designers, companies of audio products.


Simple is best, less is more.

*Please see older articles in the blog for some ideas, of course adopt your own unique style.

One audio head friend told me about one prominent member of our community. I mentioned he seemed to like whatever he reviewed - although he didn`t review much.
He replied that he only reviewed what he actually liked. Fair enough.

Sometimes we may review bad products, but usually we will stick to products we like and think are worth our hard earned cash.


*Questions  may be via headpieblog@gmail.com or via our Head pie Facebook page.

*Submissions may be made to headpieblog@gmail.com

*We reserve the right to refuse any submissions or request more information or editing.

*We may edit articles for grammar, spelling etc but generally not the content.


We look forward to your participation.

This FAQ will be updated as time goes on.

Kind regards
Damon / expatinjapan

Commute pie. 
How do you store your gear when traveling daily or for a more lengthy time period?

I bought the small green bag today as I was walking past a sale. Perfect size for my ipod touch 6G 128GB, Cozoy Aegis and ATH-CK10.

The red back is a small camera bag.

Often posts and threads pop up on Facebook and various audio based forums asking about where to go when looking for audio gear in Tokyo.

I will list a few of the more popular ones.

Over time I will will add more details and maps etc.

Already on the head pie blog there are two posts, one for Fujiya Avic and one for Bic camera.

Lets start with the large department stores.

These are Bic camera and Yodobashi camera. Not a lot separates these two places.
As you will see on my post on Bic camera in Shinjuku (West side) the headphones, dac/amps etc are all laid out on display with samples you can try easily by yourself without the need for staff.
Just bring your own dap/source to sample the headphones, headphones and source to try the dac/amps.

Not every Yodobashi or Bic camera has a large audio section.



Fujiya Avic in Nakano. (3F Nakano sun mall).

This is situated in what could be termed a mall, although not in the general sense of the word. It is quite old and the mall is populated but niche shops of all kinds, toys, anime, antiques etc. Its the kind of place people are looking for when they visit over developed and sanitized Akihabara these days.
They have a small shop, but a wide range of portable in ears, IEMs, multi driver IEMs, over the ears headphones, cables, daps of all kinds, dac/amps. They have most of the popular portable audiophile brands.
They also sell new and used, the used products in Japan are often as new.
Most gear except for earphones are locked away and you will have to ask the staff to try out the various gear. Older staff.


*Photos and maps can be found via google of course ;)


DAR`s useful post


e-earphone. This is in Akihabara and can be hard for some people to find. They now have a shop downstairs for getting your ear molds for custom in ears so its a bit more visible. I do recommend doing some research about where it is to avoid frustration. (I plan to add a map in the future).
Lots of headphones and dac/amps, amps laid out to try by yourself. Some items such as Daps and sources are in glass cases and you will have to ask staff to assist you.
Its not a big shop but like Fujiya Avic it has most of what you may want n a small space. Young staff.


*Photos and maps can be found via google of course.

Great post by DAR


Head pie pro tip#33

Check e-earphones and Fujiya avics website in Chrome browser for English to check If they have stock of what you are after before going.

*First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company.

My name is Fernando Brunet, Technical Director of NeoDuction, and personally I have a lifetime dedicated to professional sound for 40 years. During the 1990s I made contact with other technicians who developed the algorithms and key utilities of what is now Relisten.
As with all inventions, there is always an element of chance. We were not really looking for a Sound Optimizer. It was the times when hard drives were small and expensive and we wanted to get a lossless compression system. It was a mixture between FLAC and DSD so to speak. Unfortunately when we were finishing the project  cheap hard drives and high storage drives had arrived. But the sound vectoring gave us a control on the sound which was unknown at the time! This small laboratory became the first NeoDuction during the 2000s, devoting his activity to professional audio  mastering and sound processing for recording studios, mobile units and Cinemas. We are currently developing several parallel processes based on the same technology.

*You have several updates and tie ins for up and coming Relisten. Could you tell us a little about them ?.

Sure. We are working on a new version of Relisten that increases your ability to play high resolution audio files, 24-bit 192 kHz, and capable of decoding FLAC and DSD. The user can choose the sound processing with two new controls: Harmonic Balance and Smart Bass. Furthermore we reached a trade agreement with COZOY Audio and we will include specific set ups to meet their DAC to the best.

*Many people are asking About your app, Especially the price. How did you come to choose that figure?.

Damon, you do certainly know that the professional market is not particularly cheap. We are offering for $50 processes which TVs around the globe purchased for thousands of euros.
On the other hand we have always believed that our High End market is very tight and thus we have to rely the product development costs in a less units, this is the same issue that we find with hardware.
I honestly do not believe that there are so many people in the world able to distinguish the sound levels that handle Relisten. We understand it is difficult to take control of a master track without damaging the production, at the end of the day it is a product designed for a very specialized customer.

Ipod touch 6G 128GB, Relisten app, Cozoy Aegis dac/amp, DITA-The Truth.

*Will there be any other apps available?

Indeed. When we started developing Relisten Player we certainly did not expect this success in the app market, but the results encourage us to continue to create new products for the professional and High End market. Probably in mid-December there will be released a package of professional applications that we call NeoductionTools, which is available for Android already.

*I have demoed the Free Trial Lite version and hope other readers do too.

Yes. We had a hard time deciding how to work out a Lite version, we did not want to limit it in performance, but in the end I think we offer a consistent and adequate benefits for the demo user to get a clear idea of ​​what Relisten player is.

*I enjoyed the trial version of Relisten app. I thought the sound by itself was on par with other apps. With the different technology it employed it becomes You have quite a different animal. 
Particularly I like it With Classical Enhance on, I find it really Brings the music forward, to also with warmth and clarity. 
At high volume, Although I Could hear some minor distortion. This was minimal though when i used full lossless ALAC files.

Relisten player is currently thought to play MP3 through the iphone DAC and good headphones.
Relisten transforms the dynamics of each sound object in a specific way in relation to its plane. Our technology does not work as a dynamics processor, but it uses vectoring to recognise independent objects.
The new version will have special features to play Hi-Res files and we are working on the way that Relisten enhances this kind of files.
The current version occurs to increase the audio output up to 6.5 dB depending on the sound content. This increase is not caused by compression or leveling, if not by accumulation of sound objects (as there are more things being played). These details that are increased are extracted from the music itself, and can generate distortions or artifacts not previously heard, even if they are in the audio master at a very low level.
We can saturate the analog amplifier but never the digital output. Relisten creates dynamic in music so in a high compressed mixtures can saturate but always at levels that might be better to lower the volume on our health.
Obviously with audio files with higher definition and dynamics these effects are minimized.

Relisten app and Chord Hugo.

*Is there any special signature sound you are going for?

Our ultimate objective is to thrill the listener with the music and with the interpretation. We do not want to stand in for the engineer or the means used, both are laudable but only 10% of the recording. The living, the really interesting part is the communication with the performer. Even her breathing is important! That is the direction in which we work.
We do not aim to have a signature sound itself, we want to be transparent to improve communication between performer and listener.

*Can you share with us any design specifics?

Well I think we've talked about a few. We could say that Neoduction we try to consistent both in physics and in the approach to the sound manipulation, our philosophy relies on keeping the sound pure.
We can imagine that in a room there are 1,000 spectators listening to a concert and we could say that everyone hears a different concert. Each receives an instrument before the other, stronger than the rest in level and yet with all these changes we think we are all listening to a coherent implementation of the music.
But if we suddenly started to change the size of violins and we placed each section into a separate room with different acoustic conditions the music will change too much to consider it the same piece, right?  This level of distortion of the piece that could resemble a traditional equalization or compressor, this is the kind of process we aim to avoid.

*Tell us a little About That and any future plans for further products.

Well, in the Pro area we are developing three new plug ins for VST3 and AAX: The Distance Creator, Tone Equalizer and Shape Modeler and we think it can be revolutionary. We are finishing the first phase of MasterDone, an online mastering service platform. And we are ending BeThere a Relisten based device for six or eight channel home theatre with an emulator for live broadcasts such as operas, ballets and concerts, that is already implemented in commercial cinema theaters. 
We are also creating the first vinyl LP sound with analog and digital control reading. But this is secret, do not tell anyone ;)

*Anything else you`d like to add?

Yes. Just wanted to say we are sure that in two years we will surprise the entire audio industry.

*Thank you for your time.

It was my pleasure. Thank you.

-That was expatinjapan of head pie blog talking with Alex Bordanova the Project Manager of Neoduction.