This is the end, beautiful friend - meme collection #11

Welcome to the eleventh installment of the Head pie memes.

Series number eleven is dubbed -
 ‘This is the end, my beautiful friend”

Cause as the sun sets,so doth the sun set on Head pie...


Pie so serious?

Once again the memes regularly appear daily on Head pies Facebook group and instagram account for better or worse. Until now. This is the end...

Its always a mix of various themes and `imaginatings`.

Riffing constantly on the #headpiesucks storyline, satire and parody of the audio world at large.

*Many of the memes are best understood in context of the meme collections as a whole. all oops 1000+ or so of them. Appearing daily...

Head pie was recently hard at work creating daily memes whilst the reviewing section suffered - i am turning down more review units than i accept still, and this has increased to accepting %10 and rejecting %90.

Family first, then paying work and also cultivating other hobbies. Just not enough others in the day. The mind is strong, but the body and will is weak.

The advertising is still nil, as per 98% of other  reviewers out there - and as usual with 97% of reviewers - still no cash paid for the  crappy word salad reviews. (“What i thought you guys got paid!?!”  - nope).

‘Its a hobby..’ - that takes a lot of time and energy.

I should STILL move to wordpress (as i have mentioned previously) but meh, i am too lazy....
...and anyways...This is the end.

Enjoy. Are we having fun yet!??

Historical documents:

Memes part 7 - Past caring

Apiecalypse Nao - 8

Lazarus - 9

Love in the time of Corona - 10

Told ya!

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