Head pie Facebook memes - expatinjapan

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Well I did edit out a few of the really terrible ones. But rest assured I have left in some of the truly awful memes.

How did they start? I don`t really know. A bit of fun perhaps.
It also serves to break up the endless posts of audio gear, stops our eyes from getting tired and our brains jaded.

They have also served as easier way to moderate the Head Pie Facebook group. make it fun, silly and ridiculous and people can`t get too serious...hopefully. Well we are there for fun, right? It is our enjoyable hobby. Amirite?

They are largely poking fun at head pie itself, riffs on popular culture movies and TV.
The memes have a general rule of staying away from politics and religion.
Where we have created a meme from a cartoon etc found on the web, we have left the artists name If it was on the picture.

Various art movements, and some 20th Century Philosophical movements have also been an influence in their creation.

I posted these as my friend Twister6 is a social media outcast, technophobe and luddite....and a great reviewer on head-fi ;)  And for the rest of you too.

Without seeing the memes on Facebook one misses a big part of what of Head Pie and why it is so loved by so many. :)

Head Pie loves you too.



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