Head pie Memes 6 - The end is nigh

This being the sixth installment of head pie memes.

Tentatively titled `The end is nigh` for various reasons.

Once again the memes regularly appear daily on Head pies Facebook group and instagram account for better or worse.

Its a mix of various themes and `imaginatings`.

Riffing constantly on the #headpiesucks storyline, satire and parody of the audio world at large.

*Many of the memes are best understood in context of the meme collections as a whole. all oops 1000 or so of them.

*Some photo formatting got messed up but I had to leave it as is in the end.


Memes: Part one
Creative, fun and funny

Memes: Part three
a bonanza of crud and edginess

Memes: Part two (short)
short n sour

Mega Memes part 4 - teh age of  #headpiesucks

Memes part 5 - The salty series


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