Shanling m0 before the next update (said to make interface more speedy). See speedy enough.

Excuse my bad filming, I had an ipod touch held in one hand- whilst operating the Shanling m0 with the other hand.
This being the fifth installment of the terrible plague of memes that emerge from within the womb of Head pie and Facebook and spread to instagram.....

This might be titled the ‘Salty series’.

Circa Oct ‘17 to Apr ‘18.

For a balanced (unbalanced) perspective on the evolution of the Head pie meme phenomena please persue the links.


The BASN Bsinger+Pro and EBON BC200 IEMs review
- Niyologist

Traveling light n heavy.
Shanling m0 and Campfire Audio Andromeda and Atlas. iBasso 2.5mm to 3.5mm and loads of tips. Shozy Zero case