The BASN Bsinger+Pro and EBON BC200 IEMs review - Niyologist

The BASN Bsinger+Pro and EBON BC200 IEMs review
- Niyologist

I am a simple person that is after a few goals. There is one goal in particular that makes my heart race. The Ultimate Sound in Portable Audio. I will keep hunting for it. It seems like an endless goal. Although that's the fun of it. The journey. 

Thank you Dan Lou for giving me the review units of both IEMs 

This review is based upon 4 months of occasional listening. 

Build Quality for both IEMs: 

Solid. Very solid. The way they feel inspires a type of build that will last for quite a while. The Bsinger+Pro is smooth and glossy. With MMCX ports on the top. The EBON BC200 is made out of wood and has MMCX ports on the bottom. Both have internal magnets to keep them together. The BC200 is a symmetrical IEM. So left is right and vice versa. So it doesn't matter where the detachable cables are inserted. The cables determine the left or right side.

Sound Quality:


Bass: Deep and punchy with aggressive attack and slow decay. The mid-bass seems to stand out more. Making this more suitable for bass heavy tracks like EDM and Hip Hop. The sub-bass is evident. Yet it seems to be overpowered by the mid-bass. 

Mid-range: Despite the voluminous bass. The Mid-range hardly takes a thrashing in terms of clarity detail. The lower mids are a bit recessed. Although once you go up the ladder. It becomes slightly forward. So it averages out as balanced. The mids from the Bsinger+Pro is better suited for Classical music, Jazz and Film Score music. The amount of detail is very present. For $40 it's above average. Although it's not going to keep up with the mid forward Shozy Zero. 

Treble: I find this part smooth and shimmering. With no fatigue whatsoever. The treble was clearly tuned for prolonged periods of listening. It's not extremely extended. Just enough to stand out just slightly more than the mids. In terms of detail retrieval. It's above average for $40. It is most suitable for Classical music. Maybe Rock and definitely Alternative music. 

This part is impressive. Nice stage depth. Making the bass a bit more thunderous. The width is average. Yet the spatial cues aren't messy. I wouldn't consider refined either. Just adequate. The Bsinger+Pro can still trip up a bit with fast soundtracks. Making it seem a bit jumbled and smeared. Although overall. Very nice presentation for $40.


Bass: Deeper Bass response. The transition from lower to higher Bass responses is pretty good for this price. The attack of the bass is semi fast. The decay is just about the same speed. The tonality is also very good for $40. What impresses me most is how much the bass can stay separate from the mids. Speaking of which. 

Mids: The lower mids aren't overshadowed by the bass. Although the warmth from the bass is making it sound more liquid. So a bit if definition lost in the lower mids. When you climb higher. The upper mids sound brighter in comparison. In terms of vocals, I'd find the BASN EBON BC200 IEMs to do better with female vocals. Even with fast songs. So there is more articulation in this part of the frequency. For $40, the EBON BC200 IEMs are very impressive when it comes to the general performance of the upper mids. 

Treble: The lower treble is the best part of this frequency. It has quite a presence. The definition of this part of the frequency is punching above average for $40. As we progress further in the frequency. It starts to steady drop and lose definition and presence. 

Soundstage: Best aspect of this IEM. It has a grand stage. It can keep up with my CTM-VS2. In terms of sheer size. Everything else like positioning, imaging and dynamics are definitely behind. Although for $40. Still mighty impressive.


Vs. Shozy Zero:

This is interesting. The BC200 IEMs have a brighter presence with more bass. The Zero has a more delicate approach with less bass. Yet it seems that the bass is slightly more nimble. The mids sound more full than the EBON BC200 IEMs. The definition in general is roughly the same. With the Zero having better details in the mids and the EBON BC200 IEMs having better details in the bass and treble. Soundstage characteristics are superior with the Zero. Yet just slightly. The Zero has better positioning. Although the BC200 IEMs have a better 3D presence. 

Overall Sound Signature: I'd say that the EBON BC200 IEMs are definitely V-Shaped. Large emphasis in the bass and upper mids/lower treble regions. 


These two IEMs are quite special. I love their overall form factor. Including the magnets that keep them together for bundling them easier. I found them equally enticing in their own way. Although in the end. I found the Bsinger+Pro to be the better IEM. For its price range. There were hardly any compromises. The fit, sound and accessories were quite splendid and I couldn't be happier. If you are looking for smooth, warm and more balanced sound for $40. The Bsinger+Pro is highly recommended. If you are looking for a more V-Shaped energetic sound for $40. Then the BASN EBON BC200 is highly recommended.


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