TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi Earbud review - expatinjapan

TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi Earbud review 
- expatinjapan

Thank you to Penon Audio for sending this product for review

Earlier earbud shoot out:

Whats in the box?


The sound as usual was tested using various FLAC tracks, this time exclusively on the iBasso DX200 due to its 4.4mm amp.
Burn in was over 125 hours for those who care, and those who don't care,...don't care. everybody happy.

The TY Hi-Z 150 ohm balanced HiFi earbud is welcome entry in to the already existing range of earbuds in the TY Hi-Z line up.

See here for an earlier review shoot out of several earbuds:

lets revisit some bullet points from the earlier earbuds review:

"The TY-Hi Z 150S are very close to the HE150 than the differences between the 32/32s. 
The HE 150 is more forward overall whilst the 150S is laid back, or has a more subtle understated approach.
The HE 150 seem quite intimate and dynamic in that the music and vocals are pushed forward together, a little bit brash in its approach. But quite pleasing to my ears.
The 150S takes a more understated approach, softer, rounder, slightly smoother.
The 150S has a bit more layering and underlying detail."

"At this point I removed the foams. to get another angle.
The 150S is more defined than the HE 150, vocals slightly ahead of the music, it doesn't have the wall of sound effect that the HE 150 has. Instrument placement is more accurate.

The reality is that people arent probably going to use TOTL daps but rather smartphones etc to listen to these. I used the humbled yet effective and great sounding ipod Touch 6G as a final set of tests.
Some definition and detail is lost, but is is still a pleasing experience."

"Back to a TOTL, the Opus#2.
Its definitely more effortless and pleasing with both buds, I could honestly listen to both easily. Different flavors to be sure, but I think in the lower regions the 150S wins with more clear definition and no bleed or bloom between sub bass and bass.
Also the Ty Hi-Z 150S performs better at lower volume levels.
Overall it has more control."

So how does the TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi earbud compare. Sadly there must be some inaccuracies between my reviews in terms of time and space, yet also in the change of Amps for the iBasso amp 1 to Amp 4 and its different signature. Hopefully I can gather enough information to stitch together a decent impression for the reader.

Using the iBasso DX200 with the 4.4mm amp 4 module.

The sound is very smooth.
I can get a sufficient amount of volume on gain 1. At about the three quarter mark
The sound is close to the HE 150 with music and vocals fairly even, the vocals being a touch ever so slightly more forward than the music.
On gain 2 the results are fairly much the same.

The TY Hi-Z is an intimate earbud with a full sound, sound stage is medium, separation is quite good, layering is minimum. A bit warm at times in the lows. Mids are active and energetic, although not a defining feature.Treble reaches just far enough to give a sense of space, not extended.

 The TY Hi-Z when it comes to comparisons earbud to earbud using the Opus#2 (for 3.5mm buds) and DX200 (for the 4.4mm bud)  resembles the 150s more in overall signature.

The overall smoothness becomes more apparent. the TY-Hi-Z 150 4.4mm being a little bit warmer in the mids.
The 150s being a bit more airy and more transparent and lighter.
the 150 having a bit more warmer low end, and smaller stage.

At times the 4.4mm version seems to sit in the middle and take the best of both worlds of the afore mentioned buds.

If I had a 4.4mm to 3.5mm SE adapter I would have liked to run it through amp 1 on the ibasso DX200 for a better A/B test.

Results may perhaps vary when using with different 4.4mm daps.
Note: It is especially tuned for the Sony 4.4mm daps, perhaps the more warmer model I expect.

TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi Earbud


Its tuned specifically for the Sony series 4.4mm balance port.
Impedance: ≈150ohm
Cable Material: 8 core silver-plated handmade twisted wire
Sensitivity:115+-5 db
Frequency range: 16-23000Hz
Plug: 4.4mm balanced



From Penon Audio


The TY Hi-Z 150 ohm 4.4mm balanced earbud is an earbud for the newly knighted aficionados of the 4.4mm brigade.

Coming in at a middle ground between the previous HE/150 (Xxx) and TY-Hi-Z 150s (xxX).
The 4.4mm version shares the same cable to my eyes as the 150s, whilst the HE/150 and 150s share the same shell.

It is a fairly even earbud with deep bass where needed, sightly forward vocals but never excessively so. It exhibits a slight v shape, or soft L shape. It has enough treble to please, and like the mids isnt its defining feature.
It is generally accurate and pleasing to the ears, presenting each track reasonably true to its intended original intent.

It doesn`t fit securely into my particular ear shape, mine preferring a smaller Yuin type shell. This might be alleviated by using some ear hooks to hold them more flush If one wants the more fuller, deeper sound it can offer.

One can tailor the sound slightly with using donuts or full covers. Also having them hard against the ear canals increases the low end, whilst having them sit loose gives a bit more air to them.

A decent dap or added amp with a bit of power is needed to get the most out of any of these earbuds.

Thank you to Penon audio for sending the TY Hi-Z 150ohm 4.4mm Balanced HiFi Earbud for review


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