The iBasso DX300 has arrived with mass speculation and high expectations and specifications.

Does it measure up to its elder siblings? This will not be the post to enter into any ramblings about sonics and sound impressions. Thats my weary friends will come later.

This post is a data dump of build, videos, photos galore, user interface and all sorts of details your brain and curiosity might be wondering about. 

More details here:

Full specifications at the end of this post or use the link above to skip to the iBasso site.


Earlier collected info here;

iBasso DX300 with iBasso IT07 and CB16 cable

On with the show....

General build whereupon we leave the usual colorful Head pie tableau shots for a more uniform and perhaps tiresome on the eyes format.

Its build time!

The toasted egg and ham sandwich i had for lunch is rewarding me greasy fingermarks. Timing is everything.

The sticker below over the FF play buttons is to be removed.

All self explanatory really

Note one side is slanted. This makes operating the multipurpose volume wheel easy.
There were some earlier online concerns about the wheel, i can safely assure readers it is firmly connected.

One can also see the amp module and how it is fitted


Warranty and starter guide

Coaxial and a burn in cable

Two thin and one thick screen protectors.
Is one preinstalled? I am not sure and will check as i have installed a second screen protector by mistake previously. Hard to tell sometimes...

Usual charge and data cable. Although i ave often found i needed to use a different usb-c cable for data transfer with several usb c daps.

The case

Lets get this party started already

Gorgeous screen. My pitiful iphone SE camera does not do it justice.

AKPpure and CoolApk enable you to download your usual apps and the Google play store etc

Several backgrounds to choose from

Main Settings overview

5G and 2G wifi test

Developer mode for extra tweaking

The Android Mango music player

The basic screen before music is added and one chooses the background. I chose album art eventually.

General User Interface scroll speed test

Various filters

So far i like D3, D4 & D5 the most.

Scanning is fairly fast... ooh so close.

I highlighted every option below as it was more clearer in the photograph. Then turned them back off.

Advanced menu in the Android Mango player

Loving the marbled paper look

Playing with album art which colors the wider edges of the screen 

Size comparisons

iBasso DX220 Max, DX300 & DX220

iBasso DX160, DX300 & iphone SE

Some background options

One can choose a traditional square album art or circular 

To EQ or not to EQ...

Mmm, smexy.

Photo below says six hours to charge which is not my experience. It charges quite rapidly.

I probably need to do two or three full battery discharges to calibrate the batteries.

Amp module 11 close ups