Campfire Audio Holocene unboxing - expanded

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 Holocene’s remarkably even, and balanced frequency response curve conceals the speed and resolution of a true audiophile’s reference earphone.’ - CA

The Campfire Audio Holocene arrived today.

The shell is similar if not identical in size to the Andromeda Gold, IO and c/2019 Q4.

A brief inconclusive listen reminded me of the c/2019 Q4 sonic signature. Similar….
…… C/2019 Q4 - More fuller sound. I would hesitantly say that the frequency chart would be fairly flat.
It basically has plenty of everything without being mushy or smeared together. Theres a certain strength to the (wall of) sound.
Sorry, but it is a rich delicious sound, decent fast full hitting deep bass, and luxurious low/upper mids, highs extending correctly and vocals just above the music (and not overly forward - how i like it). Male and female vocals reproduced properly.
Quite easily accessible and enjoyable.’

I can hear that also somewhat in the Holocene….
…but it is early days with more to come.

The usual beautiful unfolding flower like box

Colorful case - what are they harvesting in Portland?

A nice lengthy warranty

Some basic deets

Speccy spec specs

Handy cleaning brush which was perfect for cleaning out the speaker ports of my new iphone which i dowsed in kebab juice on the weekend

A bevy of tips - i like the Final Audio tips with a selection of six sizes, like spiral dots

Three carry bags in total

Up close and personal 

OMG! Audio easter egg! It glows in the dark!

Size comparisons

Obligatory beauty shots

Mammoth information coming soon - 2BA & 1DD

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