Campfire IO versus C/2019 Q4 quick comparison

I will start by saying i am a fan of Campfire Audios level of experimentation of trying out different IEM signatures.

i am not a fan of every one of their releases, but i guess thats the beauty of it - something for everyone.

The IO release kicked up quite the internet fervor when released and i followed it to t he point where i couldn't objectively listen to the earphone without voices whispering on either shoulder of mine into my ears.

I usually have a media blackout on most new devices so i can gauge them for myself, then publish. Then go back and read opinions and see how off or on track i was. But this seemed unavoidable and popping up everywhere.

Anyway - brief comparisons:

IO - two drivers
C/2019 Q4 - three drivers

iBasso DX220, amp 1mkii, low gain, filter 3/ fast roll off.
Stock Final Audio Tips.
Lazy splitter test. Gd Enuff! theres those differences, same shell and nozzle basically.

IO - As has been already said. Basically
On top a v shape, with recessed upper mids and extended treble.
Underneath - laidback in a way, but technical, treble seems prominent due to the tame mids, wide sound stage.
Decent fast bass.
Some unnaturalness at times.

- i should try them again with a dap in a similar price range.

C/2019 Q4 - More fuller sound. *Hopefully someone measures it so we can compare to the IO. I would hesitantly say that the frequency chart would be fairly flat.
It basically has plenty of everything without being mushy or smeared together. Theres a certain strength to the (wall of) sound.
Sorry, but it is a rich delicious sound, decent fast full hitting deep bass, and luxurious low/upper mids, highs extending correctly and vocals just above the music (and not overly forward - how i like it). Male and female vocals reproduced properly.
Quite easily accessible and enjoyable.

isolation: i will check on the way home.


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