iBasso Amp11mark2 impressions - UPDATED

I stuck mostly to Campfire Audio MW10 at this point for consistency.

iBasso DX300

Amp11 Mark2

Random notes:

0 to 60 hours.

*I purchased the amp11mark2 to satisfy my curiosity and to enjoy some tinkering.

out of the box is good. Gets a bit ill defined after 10-20 hours but returns ok after 30 - 50 hours.

it needs less burn in, or is not as noticeable as amp11mark1. This could be the amp or a combination of the DX300 having 500+ hours on it.

Its nice. It delivers the goods
Quite a different beast.

That niggling feeling of there could be ‘something more’ or ‘what isnt quite right’ isnt disturbing my mind anymore. 

Flying, airy and satisfying.
Separation is exquisite.
Larger staging. Gets more closer to spherical also.

Mark 1 was mostly just wide with some height (of course thats a lot to do with the earphones- but earphones which would portray a holographic or expansive sound stage werent doing it).

Bass is still there. Just faster. Succinct.
Sweet sound.

Not much changed (component wise). But it is a different beast.

I liked mark1, but it seemed like an everyman amp (of course first amp had to be an all rounder)

Amp11mark1 - it seemed a mix of dx160, max and amp8EX.
But not its own defining thing as amp11mark2 is.

Mark 2 is very good i think
Both amps are good. Just a different flavor perhaps...perhaps...

Maybe mk1 makes it more of an Ak / wolfson dac dap?
And Mk2 makes it more of an ess dac dap?
To put another angle/description on it...

But yeah
Noticing the filters differently now
The other ones seem an option - whereas with amp11mark1 it was d3 or nos only really.

Last night (Friday two nights back) i listened from 11pm to 2am to it. 
I di the same on Saturday night, and i DO like my sleep.

I dont think it’s a case of it maybe matching my preferred signature either - as it doesnt seem to be that. 
I do feel more drawn to use the dx300 with the new amp module.

Whereas before i was stuck between using/choosing either dx220/amp8EX or the dx300.

Now the new amp coupled with battery life and the ui and multi media usage of the dx300 seems to complete it as a unit in my mind

Also now at around 35 hours burn time. But would like to wait until 100 hours at least to make a lasting opinion....but so far so good

It seems to require less burn in. Could be that the dx300 has a lot of hours is helping.

Made a short try also with Fir Audio VxV


I think most listeners would be happy with the initial amp in the way most are happy with their AKM dac daps and low to upper mid fi earphones.

I think if your earphones are capable of more the mark 2 is probably the better choice 
I do prefer the mark 2 (obviously) of course.

Repeating an earlier post for continuity:

I have some notes up to 50 hours so far on amp11mark2 - pretty much echoing @whitiger

- love this ui and battery life of this multimedia device - ends up using it mostly to catch up on movies and tv.

- ...stays up to 2am two nights in a row listening to music on shuffle after the kids went to sleep. And i like my sleep...

Its like the music equivalent of one of those youtube having your haircut 3d recordings

The separations and layering keep getting better - whitiger

In the while the tonal balances is so accurately presenting - whitiger

The resonances is freakin good - whitiger

So much happening in the middle, so dense with lovely details tinkering around the outside

Realistic is right
I keep going back to D5 filter still

But it still has soul, colored without coloring - if that makes sense

Definitely not dry.

At 60 hours and enjoying it with a variety of music.

looking forward to a/b amp11mark1 versus amp11mark2, dx220 stock amp and amp8EX and Max. Maybe dx160 - although that comparison boat may have sailed now.

I do imagine iBasso initially set out just to replace unavailable parts and recreate the same sonic sound, but in the end created something else when it went from the hand soldering to the full oven cooking. Magic.

At this point amp11mark1 owners/users might be thinking ‘do i have a lesser amp module?’

Hard to say until i do another a/b at 100 hours. But as i have written i think amp11mark2 completes the DX300 for me as a release unit.

Others also have amp11mark2 on the way and their opinion may differ.

So lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet and wait for contrasting or agreeable opinions.

*Often the first opinions get written in as gospel - but @whitiger and myself might be completely off in our findings so far.

Looking forward to others impressions


Hot swapping iBasso DX300 amp11 mark 1&2.

*Amp11mark2 at over 100 hours now


Tighter faster bass

‘Still lingers where required 

Bass still goes deep

More coherent 

Layering is great

Timbre is great

More micro detailing

Faster, tighter..just more coherent.

Instruments well separated.

More an even true presentation with the vocals floating just on top or above of the music.


Bass is a but bloomy and bleeds

Bass can be woolly

Some sounds are a bit distant

Feels more closed in, not in an intimate way.

Vocals a bit more forward.

More strident at times.

Can be a V shaped with forward vocals

Not as soaring as mark2, a bit duller.


They are very close

Amp11mark2 edges ahead overall

It just does it better


Amp11mark1 on top

Amp11mark2 on the bottom

Bonus shots of the needed screwdriver as it is unlisted and not included in this package.

CRV T4 Torx

Head-fier whitiger early impressions >>

The DX300 amp11mark2 can be ordered by emailing iBasso


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