Hot swapping iBasso DX300 amp11 mk 1&2

Hot swapping iBasso DX300 amp11 mark 1&2.


Tighter faster bass
‘Still lingers where required 
Bass still goes deep

More coherent 

Layering is great
Timbre is great

More micro detailing

Faster, tighter..just more coherent.

Instruments well separated.

More an even true presentation with the vocals floating just on top or above of the music.


Bass is a bit bloomy and bleeds
Bass can be woolly
Some sounds are a bit distant
Feels more closed in, not in an intimate way.

Vocals a bit more forward.

More strident at times.

Can be a V shaped with forward vocals

Not as soaring as mark2, a bit duller.


They are very close
Amp11mark2 edges ahead overall

It just does it better



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