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Via Dita Facebook page:

“Bridging the best of the live and digital music, The Dream XLS is DITA's new flagship. 

Featuring a single-piece nozzle construction for better durability and resonance characteristics, The XLS' acoustic chamber sits in direct contact with the titanium chassis

Fast and sure footed, titanium imparts its unique brand of dynamism, speed and control to the sound signature of the Dream XLS.

Paired with DITA Audio’s OSLO-XLS cable, the XLS boasts:

• An expansive soundstage with accurate imaging
• Smooth, melodic, crystal clear highs
• Fast, deep bass characteristic of the Dream Gen. 1.
• An ability to tread the line between musical and resolved

The DITA Dream XLS also comes with a precisely measured back-vent for air intake and output, leading to better driver efficiency, and better bass response. 

Making it the earphone of choice for the exacting listener looking for beauty and immersion.”

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Via Dita Facebook page:
“ Dream XLS brings to life both the transience of digital music and the dynamism of live music, all while retaining technical performance and creating a soundstage through the use of our acoustic chamber. The Dream XLS’ signature is more than just about musicality, soundstage and resolution — it’s about how the three can combine to creep into the atmosphere of a listening session.

Bridging the digital divide and giving the listener the excitement, comfort or immersion they seek within their tracks.”

Via Dita Facebook page:

“ The OSLO-XLS Cable: Crafted off the back of DITA’s custom-designed and custom-built OSLO cable: With the smoothness of the OSLO cable optimised for the resolution and the soundstage requirements of the XLS.”

“ The Dream XLS is the culmination of the snippets of know-how DITA Audio has gleaned through years of experimentation in its quest for the sublime: It is DITA Audio’s endeavor to bring all it knows to your listening sessions. 

Paired out-of-the-box with DITA Audio’s OSLO cable, the XLS boasts an expansive soundstage with smooth, melodic, crystal clear highs while retaining the fast and deep bass characteristic of the Dream Gen 1.”