iBasso DX300 - (updated 25/12/2020) thin amp modules and recent information

128GB Storage

Thin amp (only?) modules

A mini Max so to speak with two batteries also.

Video 18/12/2020

Additional information

Via iBasso Facebook:

Separate Analog & Digital Power Supplies
The power supply is one of the most crucial parts of a system and affects audio quality in a positive or negative way. In the DX300’s power supply, we have innovatively used separate analog and digital power supplies with independent power supply management systems.  The analog section is powered by a dedicated battery without any interference from the other sections. This ensures that the analog section is receiving extremely clean DC.

Images showing the screen and battery charge:


FPGA-Master used by the DX300: 
In the traditional audio players, the SoC and the OS are in charge of many tasks at the same time. Audio playback isn’t the main process and often doesn’t have the highest priority.  In the DX300, we developed a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to eliminate the negative influence from the OS’ multi-task processes.  The FPGA works between the SoC and the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).  It is dedicated to requesting data from the SoC, then sending that data to the DAC.  In our application, the FPGA is working in master mode in the entire audio process using two Accusilicone Fentosecond oscillators as the clocks while synchronizing all audio clocks.  It is able to construct one of the cleanest audio system recoveries of data possible while minimizing any jitter.

More information to come soon i am sure

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